Mastering the Art of Forgiveness- Creating Useable Anger

Forgiveness has been granted to those around me. To the ex-husband who cheated, and the second husband who hit me. You are forgiven.

My Boss’s Daughter, the Blue Pantsuit & Serious Double Standards

As a mother of a girl, I may have the opportunity to be a part of history with her as the first woman may become President of the United States.

Why I Will Never, Ever, Ever Marry Again

Never again.These are the words I have said so many times to myself. Ten years out & I am still not free. Divorce is the gift that keeps on giving.

Mediation vs Court... Would I Make the Same Decision Today?

When I agreed to mediation, it was my surrender. Financially, it was a wise move, emotionally, he won.

My Day of Monumental Events and the Loss of Circular Reasoning

Two pretty incredible things happened for me today. This is an absolute milestone day for mefor two reasons.

Leaning to Ask for Good in My Life- Meditation and Prayer

Last week, a good friend said the following to me….” Whatever you send out there in the world, is what comes back to you”.

Adulting While Drinking Matcha in the Cat Cafe... No Really!

I am a purist. I don't do sequels, prequels or remakes. I am not interested in a Broadway re-interpretation of a show from the 60's.


Perspective- The Roadmap to Answers or Confusion

Drinking my coffee today, I was looking out of the window. Wait, what happened to the trees just starting to turn green? Poof! They were gone.

Riddle Me This...Why Do I let the # Challenge Ruin My Self Esteem

I am on the 20th day of the 3rd attempt of the Plank Challenge. I am on the 3rd day of the planner one & 7th day of the 4th try of the Squat Challenge

Here We Go Again- The Work Photo & The Yoga Instructor

I have written about the stress regarding public photographs. BFF tells me that I need to learn to accept the changes that we all go through.

My Spoon Ring...a Symbol, A Story & A Reminder to Slow Down

If you old enough to remember rings splattered across your hands, you may remember the spoon ring. In style again, their history tells a story..

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Hairdresser

It wasn't the fact that I put the Keurig up to brew a cup of my favorite Green Mountain Breakfast Blend but forgot to put the cup underneath.

The World is Buzzing By and I just Want to Be Alone

Recently I realized that I view the world in terms of how easily I can escape. I have become the worst kind of introvert.


A Thanksgiving Change of Pace - What Am I Thankful For?

It's no secret to those who are a part of my life, and I certainly have hinted at it here. Life has been more than a little challenging lately.