Thanksgiving Preparation with my Scattered Family

New territories.Preparing for Thanksgiving with my scattered family. I haven't even considered what he wants this year. I stopped asking long ago.

QOTD: "She Simply has to Understand Her Value"

Some might not have noticed what happened, but those who know me, through my single mother days witnessed the tears as I wiped them from my eyes.

You Have To Learn to Please YOU - Lessons Best Taught Young

I came home to find my daughter sitting cross legged on my bed, holding her phone and crying. So many thoughts crossed my mind.

18th Birthday, University Calls... I

Happy almost 18th birthday! It is almost impossible to believe that you, the man I see before me every day is about to turn 18. 

Holy S**T! My Son Bought an Engagement Ring for his GF!!

He wanted help explaining to his father who doesn't approve of the relationship, in spite of the fact that he has been financially supporting it.


I had planned it to be the last shared family event. I thought that I had reached my limit of tolerance. It was time to learn to celebrate separately.

Belonging: The Stuggle Between Identity and Values After Divorce

What do when you feel like you don’t belong? What does a sense of belonging offer to a person? To an adult? To a child? Is it different?

The Tears We Shed When We Hit the Bottom of the Drawer

While attempting to Konmari my home I hit a wall. The kind of wall that delays the process & requires a good sit down with some Kleenex.

The Dollhouse or "Isn

Simply a part of life, memories flash though my mind whenever I daydream. Random events spark memories that leave me with sadness or happiness.

Are You There Karma, It

I am a raise the middle finger under the steering wheel sort of person. I try to avoid conflict and wait for the mighty karma to do its thing. 

From The Mouths of Babes - Is This the Way Love Should Be?

Regular readers know that I have struggled with my son's relationship with his girlfriend. Twenty seems far too young to be thinking about forever.

The Conflicts of Religion, Raising Children and Changing Beliefs

Kind of torn and full of mixed emotions today....It is ere of Yom Kippur, the holiest day in the Jewish Year, but I will spend the day like any other.

September- Back to School, Real Life and No More Hiding Time

Back to school... it's here again.... Summer always flies, while the long snowy winters drag on intolerably. I must emerge from my 3 months of hiding.

The Table or Minding My Own Biz & Watching From the Sidelines

Summer in my house has been interesting. My son's GF has stayed with us for the summer. When should I keep my opinions to myself??