Thanksgiving Preparation with my Scattered Family

New territories.Preparing for Thanksgiving with my scattered family. I haven't even considered what he wants this year. I stopped asking long ago.

Benefits of Binge Watching, Female Heroines and Camel Toe???

With my search for love suspended, I have become a binge watcher. My justification for this new habit is research. I am a social anthropologist.

Key Lime Pie? Things Aren

Hands down, my absolute favorite place to shop for groceries is Trader Joe's. My daughter and I love the tasting table that sparks this post today.

Table For One Please?

The kids are gone tonight... I thought about Chinese take out. Maybe some ribs or chicken and broccoli? No take out. Maybe I will stay at the restaurant and eat.

We Had "The Conversation" During Dinner

It was chicken soup tonight; not roast, but it was the family dinner.

The Roast Chicken

Tonight, served with roast potatoes and cranberry sauce, and shared humor, it will be delicious.