#DearMe: An Honest Letter To My Younger Self
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March 07, 2015 - Updated March 09, 2015


Hey Girlfriend!

I see you going to great lengths to please people who will in the end either hurt you, or not matter at all in your life. Why do you care so much what others think that you work so hard to seek their approval. It is essential that you learn, at your young age, that love must be the result of honesty, not an attempt to be someone other than who you are COMPLETELY. Honesty to yourself is key. You must be able to look in the mirror and see yourself, NOT someone else. 

Whether you are looking for a friend, or a relationship or a career, please make sure that you are being honest with yourself about what makes you happy. Doing otherwise is like trying to squeeze your feet into a pair of shoes that do to fit, then going for a long walk. The result will be pain.

You must honor your thoughts and your dreams. You only get one go around, so why in the world, are you spending so much of it in fear that others won't like you, or like the choices that you make.  You are the one who must live in your day to day life. Fleeting opinions will give others power over you that they should not have. You must figure out where you belong in the world, and do your best to get there, square peg, round hole and all of that. You must love yourself before anyone else can love you.


I can tell you from experience, that the advice of experiences of others, given to you, if given with a combination of love, but also with that other person's need to validate their own choices. Are advice givers happy in their own lives?? I tell you this now, with all the love, and honesty that I can muster. YOU MUST FIND YOURSELF, AND HONOR THAT PERSON.  She is "in there" somewhere and she has so much talent and love to give. Allow her to be brave and self confident, not slave to the opinions and fears of others. 

Love big. Make sure that you get to be a mom; it's the best. Spend wisely, and save lots. Your body is your temple; feed it well, and keep it healthy. Smile at the world. Look people in the eye when you speak. Learn to laugh. Do not gossip; one day, people will gossip about you, and it hurts like a bitch. Be a bigger person.

OMG, one more thing. Keep a written planner of your life. Plan. Doodle. Cross things off the checklist, both big and small. 

OK, that's all for now. Good Luck and take care. I love you. Well, I am TRYING to love you.


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