Choosing Between Your Dream Career and Feeding Your Kids Now

In life or career, should you listen if your inner voice screams "I can't do this by the book, I've got to do it my way"? Practicality vs. Goals.

Suddenly Head of Household? Here

Suddenly find yourself head of the household and not getting any or much child support. Consider starting your own business.

Maybe an Intuitive Can Help Solve Your Divorce Problems?

In my most recent podcast I discuss how an Intuitive and Life Coach can help set you on the right path to a new happy life.

When the Disappearing Parent Reappears...

What would you do if your ex disappeared out of the children's lives for years then suddenly reappears?

To Divorce or Not to Divorce, That is the Question

Let's skip all the post-divorce mumbo jumbo and go back to the root of the problem.  Are you still married and possibly thinking of divorce?...

My Strange Addiction: Motherhood Edition

I do a lot of social media hopping.  When I'm hustlin' out there trying to pimp my blog, sell some books, and plug speaking engagements, I see what a lot of other people are doing...


One of the most common complaints I hear from women in a post-divorce or single parent household is about the chaos.

Never Be Too Proud to Ask for Help

Ain't too proud to beg. Ok well not beg... but ask. I had this terrible complex of thinking I had to be Super Woman after I first got divorced...

The Number One Rule of Divorce Club: Don

I have to say, it's been a really long time since I've been divorced.  Twelve years actually. But sometimes it still feels fresh.

So What

Hello and welcome to my new blog.  'Tis I, Madge Madigan and I bring you "Surviving Single Parenthood"...