Maybe an Intuitive Can Help Solve Your Divorce Problems?
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March 29, 2017

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 New Podcast Episode - Ep 001 Don't Ignore Your Intuition! With Life Coach Amy White


Do you feel stuck? Not sure where to go next? Not sure how to move on from your divorce? Don't know how to start your new life as a single parent?There is help. Sometimes it's best to ask for help from others because you can't always see the forest through the trees. I thought I was going to do it all by myself, I thought that's all I could do because I couldn't afford any help. Getting help from an Intuitive Life Coach was the best decision I ever made.

As most of you know I have a podcast. I'd like to announce my new and improved podcast called...


Like my new logo? That's not the only thing I changed. I've decided to focus on what my mindset was when I was first starting my divorce. Oh who am I kidding... I've been divorced for 16 years, probably half of those years were spent trying to keep my sh*t together. Although my situation was a little different, it was like I went through a 2nd divorce a few years after my divorce when my ex-husband disappeared for several years and then I was really really a single parent.

All of the sudden I lost half of my income which was child support and had my children 24/7 completely by myself. Three kids in or approaching puberty in 8,000 activities. I had no family living in the area. Just me.

Anyway... lost half my income, then lost the other half when I lost my job. Food stamps, eviction, etc. I was still trying to be normal, not let it define us. Continue to have the kids be A students and good athletes and well-adjusted kids. I was trying to find a new job as a marketing professional. I need to network with other professionals and participate at my kid's school and seem like a happy productive member of society... even though I was slightly dying inside. That's when I decided, "Girl, you can' t lose your fabulousness".

So the new focus of my podcast is just that... trying to stay calm and keep your sh*t together while feeling good, looking good, and thriving! Especially if you have no money. I considered myself "Poverty Line Fabulous" Because that's what I was. 

I posted a mini-episode last week explaining the premise, so check out Ep 000 first if you like. The current episode I just posted is about how I found a life coach a few years ago. Amy White is someone I had met through well... our paths crossed a couple ways, first Twitter friends, then through work. Amy explained that she was also an Intuitive. An Intuitive is someone who can sense things or see things or read energy, or all of the above. Amy sometimes uses Tarot Card readings but she is incorporating that a little less these days.

A Life Coach is not a therapist, know that. But my Life Coach did give me some exercises to get to the root of some of my beliefs, manly things like "I suck". Once I found out why, then I was able to change my attitude. 

Take a listen to my podcast and find out more about Life Coaches and Intuitives. Oh by the way, Amy also sees dead people. lol Yea, I haven't experienced that one with her yet but I can't wait! You decide if you need direction and clarity, I know I sure did. Oh and near the end of the podcast, Amy pulls a couple Tarot Cards for me, tune in to find out what they say!

Ep 001 Don't Ignore Your Intuition! With Life Coach Amy White




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