If You’re Still Angry with Your Ex, Read This

Anger may be a normal feeling but that does not make it healthy one. If you are ever going to move forward, holding onto anger is not the answer.

A Father Daughter Son Dance: In Memoriam

Thank you Divorced Moms and its readers for allowing me to share advice, thoughts, and, at times, my own personal journey. It is therapeutic.

It’s Over: 4 Problems No Marriage Can Survive

People divorce for a multitude of reasons but it is this humble relationship coaches view that only a few problems that are truly irreparable.

4 Kinds Of Women Narcissistic Men Are Attracted To

Are you the narcissists type? Do you have characteristics that they love? Read on and find out just what kinds of women narcissitic men love.

3 Big Reasons Why A Failed Marriage Does Not Make You A Failure

Why do we insist on calling ourselves a failure when we know that it takes two to tango in the dance of marriage? Let's explore the fallacy of this view.

Isolation: Why Everyone Who Goes Through a Divorce Experiences it

Isolation is tough. There is no other way to say it. But it's also important and complicated. What type of isolation have you experienced?

6 Reasons You Should ALWAYS Divorce a Cheating Husband

Maybe next time he'll think before he cheats. This is true if, and only if, you walk him off the planet. What will you do?

4 New Years Resolutions You Can Take to the Bank

This is the time for champagne bottles, resolutions, and reruns of 'When Harry Met Sally'. Just make sure to make reasonable resolutions.

Wandering in a Winter Wonderland

It's December and I'm supposed to be thinking about gift giving, New Years planning, and a warm cozy fire with my husband. So why does it feel so cold? 

A Sister

What do you do when you've lost your mother and your brother? That is the question facing my 12-year old nephew.

The 12 Days of Christmas: Divorced Mom

Sometimes you just need a song to remind you that life is short and satisfaction can be even shorter if you know what I mean. Smile!

Men vs. Women: Who Moves on Quicker After Divorce?

Who moves forward faster after a divorce? Well, that depends on your definition of moving forward. For my money I'm going with...

The Bad Marriage Series, Part 1: Why Do We Stay?

Being in a bad marriage can be a long and painful fight. This is because we can tend to stay in bad situations, even if we know better. But why?

6 Things You’ll Love About Being Single After Divorce

Is being single after divorce really all that it's cracked up to be? As my good friend Usher would say, yeah! Here are 6 reasons why.