About Sounds of Silence

Sounds of Silence refers to the outcome of love that doesn't always surface and isn't always obvious because we, as humans, decide which sounds and images we truly see and hear. But as a relationship coach, I do not have that luxury. Like anyone with an eye, two ears and a weakness for the human condition, the experiences that I see people go through can be deafening. This little corner of DivorcedMoms represents my accounts of those observations I have. Perhaps they can help, support, elevate or inspire others to trade silence for action and affect new outcomes. This is my sincere hope.


Chris Armstrong is a Certified Relationship Coach, Emotional Intelligence Facilitator and Award Winning Diversity Champion that promotes authenticity and equality in every aspect of relationships.

Chris has been a Relationship Coach for more than 10 years and the numbers speak for themselves:

*Published more than 500 times across more than 20 outlets.

*Responded to more than 100 media inquiries

*Has had 480+ clients

*Has held more than 100 workshops and seminars

His impact on clients is a direct result of his authentic and actionable approach, as well as his heartfelt desire to drive equal and authentic relationships.