No--The Truth Is NOT Always Somewhere In the Middle

There is nothing accurate, or helpful about casting blame on victims with the age-old "the trust is not always somewhere in the middle". 

Why We REALLY Get Married and What This Means For Women

There are few things more depressing than the thin line between what women want and what is attainable. Or am I just being doom and gloom? 

4 Reasons Divorced People Give the Best Marital Advice

Are divorcee's good at providing marital advice or is there an inherent danger in entrusting them in this space?

4 Betrayals That Are Worse Than Infidelity

Does something as egregious as infidelity have company on the list of horrific betrayals? Unfortunately, yes.

How Honest Should You Be with Your Kids About Their Dad’s Affair?

Honesty is the best policy right? Uh, it depends on ones definition of honesty and the situation at hand. Read on.

Does a happy wife mean a happy life? Perhaps. But I find so many things wrong with this phrase. Let's discuss.

5 Signs Your Marriage is Too Much Work

We can all agree that marriage takes effort. Some of us however, give too much. How about you? Do you work too hard in your marriage?

5 Tips for Healing from an Unwanted Divorce

What do you do when the one you loved does not love you enough to stay? When they want what you don't want: A Divorce!

Cheating: Why Men are More Forgiving Than Women

Why would men be more forgiving of cheating than women? Well, if you think about the differences in how men and women see relationships, it's obvious.

A Father Daughter Son Dance: In Memoriam

Thank you Divorced Moms and its readers for allowing me to share advice, thoughts, and, at times, my own personal journey. It is therapeutic.

4 Kinds Of Women Narcissistic Men Are Attracted To

Are you the narcissists type? Do you have characteristics that they love? Read on and find out just what kinds of women narcissitic men love.

A Sister

What do you do when you've lost your mother and your brother? That is the question facing my 12-year old nephew.

The 12 Days of Christmas: Divorced Mom

Sometimes you just need a song to remind you that life is short and satisfaction can be even shorter if you know what I mean. Smile!

Men vs. Women: Who Moves on Quicker After Divorce?

Who moves forward faster after a divorce? Well, that depends on your definition of moving forward. For my money I'm going with...