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5 Reasons I Am Giving Up Dating and Becoming a Golden Girl
May 16, 2014
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 "Thank you for being a friend."

-Golden Girls

Recently, one of my dearest and oldest friends, who is now in the Divorced Moms club, jokingly suggested we forget about dating and move in together like the Golden Girls. After five years of dating, I think this plan is absolutely brilliant. Seriously, why didn't I think of this before! 

Screw it! Who needs men when I live with my girlfriends. I give up on dating and I am going to be a Golden Girl! 


If you don't remember the Golden Girls, it was the wildly popular 80s sitcom starring five senior citizens in Miami, Florida, living together in one household. 

It all started when Blanche needed to take in roommates after her husband had passed away. Enter divorcee Dorthy and her feisty Sicilian mother Sophia. Let's not forget sweet and naive Rose from St. Olaf, who was also a widow herself. 

Each woman was learning to live life on her own, either through divorce or the death of her spouse. Over the years, we watched all the women date again, go on adventures, enjoy their singledom and grow closer in their friendships. 

Basically, the Golden Girls was the Sex and the City of the 80s, but with Social Security checks and white hair. Blanche is the sexy Samantha Jones, Rose is the cheerful Charlotte and Dorthy is serious Miranda. See the similarities?!

Seriously, I loved that show, even as a little kid. I can still sing the opening song to the Golden Girls. Man, I wonder if they have the whole series on DVD, because I would actually buy a boxed set. 




Anyhow, I got to thinking, why this be a great idea, living life like the Golden Girls/ Here are 5 reasons why I much rather would be a Golden Girl than continue on anymore fruitless dates. 

1. Cheesecake always in the fridge! 

Seriously, ever single night, when the ladies ventured into the kitchen, there was ALWAYS, cheesecake waiting in the fridge! Who needs men when you can have endless cheesecake?


2. Splitting rent. 

What single mom wouldn't love to split the rent?! Seriously, I pay a ridiculous amount of money towards rent every month. I would love to have huge house and lower my rental costs. Isn't this the reason why all the Golden Girls decided to live together in the first place? 

I wonder if there are other divorced moms who would be open to this shared living arrangement. I don't want to end up in a Shady Pines, so why not a fun home with my close single girlfriends. 


3. Always have a girlfriend to talk to! 

After being on my own for over five years, I am going to be honest, it gets lonely sometimes. Whenever my son is with his dad, I spend most nights by myself, watching Netflix, running or blogging. Don't get me wrong, I still get out and I am not a total recluse, but it would be nice to have a girlfriend to just watch movies with. 



4.  I want Blanche Devereaux's sex life!

Who wouldn't want Blanche's sex life? Look at all her fun dates, suitors and SEXY attitude.  Even in her sixities, she has the sex drive a woman in her 30s! 

After I get home, I can share all my fun date details with my girlfriends over cheesecake! 





5.  Living with my single girlfriends would be fun! 

We could do whatever we want and no one would tell us what we can or cannot do. If I wanted to tap dance in my living room, you bet your sweet asss, I am gonna put my tap shoes on! 




 6. I could always say, "Picture it Sicily..." AHEM.. I mean Cicily! 



All joking aside, I really do love the Golden Girls, because they show us, despite whatever life throws at you, you can make your single season truly golden and magnificient. Especially, if you have wonderful girlfriends supporting you along the way. 


Thank You For Being A Friend,

Sweet Cicily

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