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Sweet Cicily
Blogger, single mom, CrossFitter, runner
Please Don't Be A Serial Killer: Otherwise Known As Cicily Goes On A Date
February 24, 2014
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“...sometimes I get tired. Sometimes I get bored. And sometimes all I want, more than anything else in the world, is to go on a freaking date.”

Alright, I have to keep this fairly short, as I have been ridiculously avoiding and procrastinating on all my exams, discussion posts and 30 freaking pages research paper, due this week. Have I done any of it, hell no, I am completely burnt out from graduate school.


Why Do I Do This To Myself

Honestly, I have no idea what I am getting this overpriced degree, that I don't even need, but I am almost done. I just want to hop into my Delorean and go back to the day that I had the brilliant idea to go to get my Masters degree. Suffice it to say, I am stressed and I counting the days till I can FINALLy done with school. Like with anything, I just gotta suck it up butercup. 


Going Back In Time

After some deep soul searching today, I realized I need to start simplifying my life and put an end to overextending myself. Seriously, I am feeling anxious, overwhelmed and ready to make my life much easier. Truth be told, all I want to do is blog, CrossFit and be an awesome mom to Jack. While I love my students, I am not sure I still have a passion for teaching. Now, I have spent all this time and a fortune on degrees, which I really don't want to use anymore. 

For now, I just need to take a deep breathe, count to ten and remain calm. Ain't none of this going to kill me, it is all temorarily stressful. 

Since blogging makes me happy, let me blog away about a new adventure I had just this week. Believe it or not, but my 5 month MANBATTICAL came to a close. Yours truly to decided to go on a first date after 9 months out of the dating scene, after ending my last short lived relationship. 



Recently, one of my Twitter followers, suggested that I try the iPhone dating application TINDER. Honestly, I had never heard of Tinder, but figured why not give it a try. Turns out, it is the latest and most popular way to find dates. Even the athletes at the Olympic Village, are using Tinder to get together. 

I asked how my date found out about TINDER and he said it was all over the news. See what the Singles in Sochi... did to pass the time, between winning gold medals. 

With anything, I am always open to trying new experiences. At minimum, it was blog worthy, I can meet new people and practice my flirting. 





It feels like a billion years since I have been on a first date. Figuring it wouldn't hurt to get my feet wet and take a dip in the dating pool again. I have tried EVERYTHING to meet new men, from, eHarmony, OKCupid, singles mixers, friends setting me up, etc. 

Here is my take on TINDER. It is ahhhhhrrriiiggghhhhtttt... Basically, it is a user friendly dating application, that is a grown up version of "Hot or Not". Your TINDER profile is linked to your Facebook, which allows you to use profile photographs, compare your LIKE interests and see if you have friends in common. 

No long biographies, which I am positive, NO ONE reads these days. Seriously, my male friends say they NEVER EVER EVER read the profiles. All you need is your photos, gender preference, age range and search distance. After that, all you have to do is swipe left for "NOPE" or Right for "LIKE", of the suitors in your search and local radius.





If who you like, likes you back, you then have a "match". No more getting unsolicted emails from weirdos, you would never go out with. Tinder cuts to the chase. From then on, within the application, you have the opportunity to "text" eachother and begin communication. 

I LOVE this feature! No need to share your phone number (just yet), it is already assumed there is mutual interest and you can go from there. Whether it is chatting for awhile or going on a date. From my experience, I do not care for long and drawn out communication. Get right to the date, where you can gauge chemistry and compatibility. 



It's A Match

Well, after talking to a fella on TINDER, we decided to meet up for a casual dinner, at one of my favorite local restaraunts. Before I went, I decided to read my new book "Crap Dates" to sike myself up, atleast it won't be as bad as the dates in the book. OMG. You have to buy this book, I was laughing out loud, in public, after reading all these terrible date tweets. 



I was dreading jumping back in, but I decided to just get over my issues. It is not marriage, it is just dinner. So, I put on a cute dress, a little lip gloss and headed out for my first date after my long manbattical. Turns out, I am AWESOME at dating. HAHA. 





All you have to do is be yourself, smile, relax, listen and ask questions. Pretty simple. We had a great conversation, share over a great bottle of wine and a wonderful meal. 

He was very handsome, incredibly intelligent and was funny, I knew instinctively, he wasn't for me. You just know instinctively, whether you feel it or not. 

Aside him making fun of my CrossFitting, counting him utter "bitch" 9 times and staring at my boobs 3 times, it was a nice transition back into the world of dating. I was absolutely reluctant going back to digital dating, as I wanted to avoid a depressing string of  douche bags, as I have experienced in years past. However, I know I needed to change my mindset and be more positive. 

As with any kind of dating, a smart girl should use technology to her advantage, to be safe and protect herself. Diamonds are not a girl's best friend, GOOGLE is your best friend my darlings. Be proactive with your dating life! I know are bound to look me up on the internet, guess what, I am going to do this too. 

Case in point, a TINDER candidate, happened to share mutual friends with me on Facebook, according to our TINDER match. All I had to do, was cross reference this on Facebook, find his name, know what he does for a living, Google that shiiiaaate and BAM...find out he is a married man with a beautiful wife and baby girl. 

Immediately, I blocked him on TINDER. Makes me sad for his wife and child, as I know what it is like to be in her shoes. Why do married men think it is perfectly fine to troll dating websites? Just be aware that there are married people, online or offline, out there. 


Are there bad guys out there? YES. Are there good guys out there too? YES. You just have to play it smart, keep your radar up and wish for the best. 

Are you going to find Mr. Right on TINDER. Hell, I don't know, but you truly never know where you will meet your next love. He may be the cute guy at CrossFit, the fella next to you in the beer aisle at Whole Foods, your friend at work or your next online match. 

My word of advice, would be not to take it too seriously, have a little fun and be open to meeting new people in a variety of settings. Just get out there! 

When was your last first date?

What do you wear on a first date?

What was your worst first date?


Sweet Cicily

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