A Question for My Divorced Homies
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August 02, 2012 - Updated October 03, 2013


I have been invited to do regular 2-3 minute podcasts for a radio show that focusses on divorce. I'm excited, and a bit nervous about it, since this is a departure for me. I'm not nearly as comfortable talking as I am writing.

But that's not why I'm writing now. I'm writing to ask you what topics related to divorce you'd like to hear about. Maybe aspects missing from the Divorce Conversation? Or aspects with which you disagree?

Is it really better to stay for the children?

Are children of divorce really more likely to have difficulty forming relationships and more likely to divorce themselves?

What's the best divorce advice you got? And the worst?

What did you learn about yourself post-divorce?

What's your take on the Divorce Reform movement?

What's your take on the Divorce Backlash?

What's your take on blogger Penelope Trunk's conviction that divorced people are selfish, immature, and have personality disorders?

My friend Annie Parker wants to hear women's strategies for coping. What are yours?

Do you have an amicable divorce? If you do, how did you make that  happen?

I would love to know what topics YOU want brought to the divorce conversation. If you don't want to leave a comment to this post, you can e-mail me privately using the "contact" form found at the top of the home page.



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