Kids Know an Assclown When They See One

Assclowns and the poor kids that have to deal with them.

Aack!  A Threat to the Nest!

Stanley finally caught me and told me he wants to sell the house.

Why do I Keep Overfunctioning for my Low Functioning Ex?

The less he does the more I cover for him.  I need a 12-step program.


Kids off and on, my lovah in between... Kids/lovah/kids/lovah.  I don't know whether to put my clothes on or take them off!


Last night when I left her with Dumbbell she was tearful because I wouldn't be there when she woke up on her birthday.

The EX Factor: You Can Always Just Use Them For Their GIfts

I spent some time with Stanley yesterday. Yeah me...

The Birds and Bees of Birdnesting

Well, actually I don't have bees. I have birds and pigs...

The Babies are Back in the Nest

And I'm a happy momma...

Who Are You Calling Ophelia?

I've needed a nerve pill all day but never succumbed to the temptation. Probably a whole bunch of people wish I would have.

Co-parenting is Not Helping My Headache.

So. I have had a headache since Sunday.  It is the headache that won't go away...


I made a pot roast in the crock pot, helped the boy mow the yard, cleaned the pool, took the girls to Target for bathing suits that fit and some...

The Hormonal Shitty-Crapass Club

My daughter and I have our own club...

Maintenance Man Part II

I'm with my lovah and no really we didn't play Maintenance Man...