10 hour sleeps, naps and hot sex in between. Things are looking up in the long distance relationship saga.

Watching a Man Work For Forgiveness Doesn

My lovah is here and we have had peace meetings and long, hard decisions.  He is also trying to please me.  Could be worse........

Peace Summit Begins Tomorrow

It may take more than one margarita to get my lovah and I back on stable ground.  We may have to stay drunk all weekend.

Remind Me Again, Why Did I Take a Long Distance Lovah?

Oh yeah, because I am the stupidest person on the planet.

Oh Honey...My Thoughts on True Love

The things people say.  An essay on true love.

Lovahs are Better Than Husbands, Just Sayin

My lovah was here this past weekend and we had dates and blended kids, it was all good.  I decided Lovahs are much better than husbands.

My Long Distance Relationship and the Margarita Peace Summit

It is so hard to hold this long distance relationship together, especially with all of our extenuating circumstances.  Sometimes a margarita is required.

Have I Said Yet That Dating After Divorce is Hard?

My lovah was here this weekend and it was good then stressful, then good then stressful.  WTF?

You know Those Crappy Old Patterns of Communication With Your Ex?  Yep, You

Having to watch Al in that same old dynamic is enough to put me over the edge.  But I do the same with Stanley.  Yuck.

Is it Possible?  True Love After Divorce?

My response to my lovah's declaration of True Love and belief in Soul Mates.  How do you believe in True Love after divorce?

Happy Times With My Lovah, Then BUZZ KILL

Two of Al's kids have been great with our relationship.  The other one however, is a BUZZKILL.

Patience Eludes Me but Building a New Life Takes Time

Building relationships with my lovah's kids.  One crisis at a time.


Kids off and on, my lovah in between... Kids/lovah/kids/lovah.  I don't know whether to put my clothes on or take them off!


Move over Giselle, Cuckoo Momma has had a Eureka moment.