Alone We Are One, Together We Are The Pursebrick Mafia

Bully exes should run and hide. (Of course we encourage non-violence but do not mess with us.)

Anniversary Nostalgia.  Yuck.

16 Years ago today I was dancing with my new husband, sure we would be together forever.  Yeah, well, that didn't really happen.

Lovah + Ex in a Social Situation = Awkward

This is the story of when my lovah and my ex-husband bonked heads at a social gala.

Guest Post! Al

When he left off, he had realized that the 'why his marriage ended' question didn't matter.

I love it! I

There has been significant backlash about Chris and Gwynnie's statement but I LOVE it.

Guest Post by Gulp, A Male!  Al Reaches a Divorce Milestone

Al spent too much of the past weekend with his ex and reached a divorce milestone.  Apparently, 'why' is the most irrelevant word in the Universe.

Homage to a Divorced Mom

My life used to be nice and neat.  Yeah, not anymore.

Do You Need a Pill or a Pursebrick? The Correct Answer is Partner.

Does psych medication make life better for you or for the people around you?  Maybe other people need to step up their game.

Divorce Recovery My Way

Exercise? Self help books? Yeah, well I didn't do any of that.

Happy 2 Year Divorce-aversary to Me!  I

Is it a divanniversary? Divorcaversary? I still get sad sometimes, is that okay?

Moving on After Divorce: Shame is For Suckers

I've spent so long feeling guilty and sad about my divorce, I'm really ready to let that go.

A New Low: Playing the Divorce Card

I've sunk low.  Yesterday I played the 'Divorce Card.'   

The Kids Have No Options; They Have to Learn to Deal

Or how I ended up in a parking lot surrounded by failure.

Thanksgiving is Everywhere; Unfortunately, so is Stupid

From Susan Venkler to preachers this week I've been insulted.