Al and I have made a pact.  We aren't going to be pansies anymore.


If you have an ex who is an assclown, you might can win!

A Single Moment of Clarity

Yesterday a patient who was actively psychotic told me to watch where I stepped in her room because there were snakes she was taming on her floor.


All I Know Today

First, Stanley is still an Asshat. He makes messes and leaves them and, I mostly hate him. But, what can you do with an asshat?

Happy Asshat Day

Stanley's birthday is tomorrow and so I'm declaring today Asshat Day...

Nancy Grace and Mad Poptarts

I rag on Stanley to a terrible degree here.  But hey, it's my blog and he irritates me to no end...

I Think I Came To Jesus

I brought the kids to the lake for the last few days of break...

A Bitter Pill: Loving Your Ex

In some ways it would be easier to hate Stanley.  Instead I look at him with love and regret, 3 - 4 times per week.

Regret is for Losers

I've had waaaay too much Stanley this week...


I've been reeling and knocked off center from hostile emails from Stanley...


I got info from the girl children about Stanley's girlfriend.  Apparently they spent time with her twice when I was out of town. 

The Ice Pack on my Ass is Stanley

So, I sang about it, I blogged about it, I'm still pissed at Stanley...

Days of Stanleymas

I came in tonight from the crash pad after doing a fine job of avoiding Archie and spending the day shopping for Jumping Bean's birthday and beginning Christmas presents...

How to Run off an Ex

How is that for a title?...