Responses I Wish I had the Nerve to Post on Facebook

As previously determined, I am a giant pansy.  Here are 10 things I would LOVE to say.


Since school let out my kids are subjected to the things that come out of my mouth all day without the benefit of time away at school.  Bless their hearts.

"I Really Hope I

Said the child who is no longer in the will but is invited to my 50th birthday party!       

Broke Down Confessions of a Poor Divorced Mom

There are several luxuries that I enjoyed when I was married that I can no longer afford.  A girl has to do what a girl has to do.

Screw the Luck of the Irish, I Need some Voodoo!

Forget the luck of the Irish.  It's going to take some Voodoo to lift this funk. 


Am I in a bad mood or are people, in fact, just total assholes?

My Life is All About Homework and Itchy Rashes

I'm just bobbing along, doing assorted crap and dealing with life, kids, life...

Woody Allen, Stupid Men, Girls, and Sexual Assault

I've been thinking about this all weekend.  Help me Jesus.

Just Hanging Out

Birdnesting has been going well, my stupid long distance relationship is going well, and I still have the blahs.


We had a birthday slumber party and I'm feeling like Ms. Hannigan.

Back to the Grind

Our polar vortex-extended winter break is over and it's back to the grind, fun, fun, fun.

Pursebrick!  We All Need One!

I believe I met an original today.


Every time I see this GoGurt commercial I relate to this woman...

I Need a Hug

This is how I feel today.