Emmy Fashion and a Dexter Headache
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September 23, 2013 - Updated October 16, 2013

I ran around like a crazy person all yesterday afternoon

getting the kids ready for the school week 

and nest exchange at 5 pm.

As soon as Stanley arrived I was out like a shot

driving to the crash pad to catch some Emmy Red Carpet.

Al and I had a Skype date at 8 to watch the Dexter series finale

but I was getting my fashion fix before then.

I got food and settled before the TV.

And considered how many days it would take for one of those

celebrity women to eat as much food as I was taking in during that one hour.

My thoughts...

Anna Farris

Yuck.  This was way too yellow and with that hair, I was not a fan.

January Jones.

I love her and think she is so beautiful.

But she needs some color or something.

Ick. I kept thinking of a Bandaid.


January Jones, Emmy Awards, 2013

Elizabeth Moss

I don't think I have ever seen her look this good.

I love her hair and her lips and her dress.

Claire Danes

I love her.  

But this dress makes her look so flat chested

and I hated her hair.  It  didn't move at all.

 If I was her I would buy me just a little bit in the cup area.

Just to fill out a dress better.  Just sayin.

Christina Hendricks

Is the anti Claire Danes.

She looked pretty, LOVED her hair 

but i wan't as crazy about her dress.


Zosia Mamet

This girl is on Girls which I find hard to watch.

It is just too embarrassing.

But it is not as bad as this dress.  


I hated its guts.



Then I took a dress break to watch Dexter while Skyping with Al.



 I've watched Dexter for 8 years.  He's an old friend

who just happens to be a serial killer.

His sister, Deb, played by Jennifer Carpenter,

 is my favorite character on TV.

And now it's over.

I cried buckets during that hour.

Al felt sorry for me.

 I did the ugly cry.

Jennifer Carpenter needs a fucking emmy next year.

I cried like a baby.

I hope I didn't blow snot bubbles

but it is possible, I was beyond upset.

Then I went back to the Emmys to bleach my brain.

Okay, John Hamm, be done with the facial hair.

Just, be done.  You are denying me your beauty

and it's pissing me off, mightily.

 Just sayin.

But his wife looked fab.


Lena Dunham

Help me Jesus, this was ugly.

Bless her heart.

I get it.  She makes a statement

that not all Hollywood people are perfect.

But she seems to go out of her way to pick an ugly dress.

I mean, she has to do it on purposes.

Lena Dunham, Emmy Awards, 2013

I don't believe anybody that smart could choose that for real.

 Whoever told her that was a good idea needs

to be taken out back and strung up.

Last year she wore my Aunt Mae's sofa fabric.

This year it was her bathroom wallpaper from 1967.

Lena Headey

Okay this is my boo from Game of Thrones.

She has gone public with her Bipolar Disorder and herrefusal to take meds. 

She doesn't need them. Exhibit A.



If it had a little more coverage....Nope I've changed my mind.  I like it.

Heidi Klum

I hate Heidi Klum.

I'm just putting her here so I can say I hate her one more time.



Some of the older ladies looked incredible but I'm sporting a Dexter headache and my computer is  wonky.

I have to work anyway.



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