Nesting Update
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September 11, 2012 - Updated October 16, 2013

I figured I hadn't talked about nesting much lately and that is what I am supposed to be doing so I have been remiss.

It has been going great!

Stanley has an apartment and it has helped by about 1 billion percent.  He brings his laundry and does it while he is at the nest, but basically, he comes in and I go out.  We have some chit chat about kids and then go on our merry way.  I think he has a girlfriend because he seems happy.

Monkey Love does a lot to improve his attitude.


I just wish it would help him do the yard.

The backyard was crack high last week and 


There was an unmentionable (that which shall not be named but is long and slithers and has no legs) in the pool skimmer.  I was bouncing along after carpool drop off, enjoying the pretty day, singing to myself like a lark and gleefully thought I would vacuum the pool.  I innocently pulled the cover off the skimmer and 



 As quick as a jackrabbit I ran back inside, locked the doors and climbed up on the sofa.  

 I texted Al, my Daddy and Stanley in that order while I considered bleaching my eyeballs to get the offending image out.  

OMG, I am still not over it.

Al started pricing airfare to come remove it; Dad wanted to know how big it was and if it was dead (as If I had looked at it long enough to have a clue), and Stanley said for me to get the Boy to get it out when he came home from school or to call my dad.  He said he was scared to get it out too. 

Stanley is not a big, brave man.  It was well acknowledged in our little family that if there was ever a fight in which Stanley was involved, that I was the one that was going to have to open the can of Whoop Ass.  You can ask any of the kids.


At the end of the day, I called my mother, who called my dad and told him to go to my house and get the unmentionable out of the pool skimmer.

Dad called me and said it was NOT dead, but that he had taken care of it (Much like Tony Soprano) and that it was harmless and only about 10 inches long.  





So, Nesting is going great other than the grass which is still usually too high because Stanley isn't great at upholding his bargain of doing the yard.

Now I've made myself all scared again and will have nightmares.  

Going to look for Xanax.


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