Sing Along! 50 Ways to Leave Josh Duggar
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August 21, 2015

I cannot imagine how Anna Duggar feels.



Poor little thing.   Yet again her husband has shamed her.

This time a mere 4 weeks after delivering their 4th child.

In case you've been living under a rock, her husband Josh, one of the billion Duggar children, was outed in the Ashley Madison hack of having an Ashley Madison account where he looked for affair partners.  This is just a few months after it was leaked he had molested girls (including his sisters) when he was a teenager. No! It doesn't matter that he was only a teenager, it was still a sex offense.  Shut up all defenders of Josh Duggar.  I'm not in the mood.

Anna has got to be, deep in her mind, cursing the day she met him.

Anna was brought up in the ATI (Advanced Training Institute) home education program,  Bill Gothard's fundamental conservative Christian movement, that the Duggars follow.  They were also a Quiverfull  family, where a girl child is taught that her value is tied up in her ability to pop out babies for God's Army.   It is a patriarchal belief system to say the least;  girls are taught that their daddies have primary authority over them until they hand them off (literally) to a new man who will lord over them and give them babies until they are too old and their vaginas are spitting air.  Their salvation comes from their ability to forgive and give of them selves, putting their own needs last always. 

The poor child has no power, has never had power, and probably doesn't even realize she is capable of having her own personal power.  

Look at how she looks at him, like, "What is Milord saying now? God he's brilliant!"




I've always hoped  that she is secretly thinking, "What an asshole! Shut up, Dumb Ass!"

The whole Duggar thing has always intrigued me and I've been reading about this movement and their beliefs occasionally since the Duggars first came on TV in the mid 2000s.  It is like I hate what they do to girls, I can't abide that whole patriarchal thing, yet still could NOT look away.

** My hilarious friend Carol says she has 3 things that she is completely intrigued by:   the black death, small containers, and the Amish because she loves how they shun people.** 

 You can see how vulnerable and victimized she appeared already when they first started dating courting.  I mean, look at that hair!   I can just imagine her momma licking her fingers and sticking down her hair while saying, "Now go be a good girl and smile like a happy girl should and do your duty to your future husband."  She looks like a deer caught in the headlights. 


 Note the hair.  This is clear indication of having no power.

Her eyes are saying, "Help me."



 Bless her heart.


 I would like someone to hold down Josh and her daddy and I will kick them until they are sorry. Come to think of it, throw in Jim Bob for good measure.



He makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck, srsly.

I would like to get my hands on Anna for a few hours and tell her that she has power.

POWER.  Anna.  You have it.

She has an uphill climb though.  At 27 years old, she has no useful education, 4 tiny children, and a community of women who will tell her to forgive him (it is her job after all to forgive), assume some of the blame for not meeting his sexual needs, and commit to being a better wife.  In addition to those already insurmountable things, the Duggars practice Covenant Marriage.

  1. Covenant marriage is a legally distinct kind of marriage in three states (Arizona, Arkansas, and Louisiana) of the United States, in which the marrying spouses agree to obtain pre-marital counseling and accept more limited grounds for later seeking divorce.

In Covenant marriage, you can get a divorce for infidelity, but only after 30 months of trying to work it out.  30 months is 2.5 years people.  She could have 6 children by then and gestating a 7th.  Bless her poor little brainwashed heart.  I wish we could form a DivorcedMoms rescue team and go break her out.  We could dress in black, arm ourselves with pursebricks and head over to Rogers, AR.

 rescue team.jpg


We could sing 50 Ways to Leave Josh Duggar over and over to her and tell her our personal stories of survival.


"Just jump in the van, Ann

And bring Jana, Anna

You're leaving the boy, oh Joy!

We're setting you free!"


What will happen though, is that any minute now she will release a statement saying she forgives him and is working on their marriage.

Bless her heart...


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