Why I

I know our country is divided and we need to come together, but as a single mother of young men, I can't stay silent

Why I think Trump is going to win the election despite himself

Watching this election reminds me of the days before I married an abuser and completely ruined my chance of getting what I really wanted

All This Trump Madness Is Triggering Victims Of Narcissists

No matter your politics or who wins the election, Donald Trump's candidacy has started a national conversation about narcissism

Why Are My Family Members Siding With Him?

It can be confusing and even traumatic when your family continues a tight relationship with your ex. But, it doesn't mean they love him more than you.

Am I a Bum Magnet? What Am I Doing To Attract Such Jerks

Narcissistic personality disorder affects 1 percent of the population, 1 out of 5 men admit they have abused a partner. And I keep attracting them!

Hi, I

Despite my deep awareness of domestic abuse, it took me more than a decade to identy myself as a victim of domestic violence