Divorce Process
When Life Happens: Making Changes To Your Parenting Plan

In order to change a parenting plan, you must prove there is a "material change in circumstances." Life happens, and we're here to help.

My Biggest Regret: Agreeing To 50/50 Custody With a Narcissist

My biggest regret was not filing for and having full custody of my daughter when I had the chance. Instead, I agreed to 50/50 custody and she has paid for it.

Much To My Mother

Sometimes we get so caught up on wanting to be nice that we forget what's important. Not asking for child support is an idiotic move for a mother to make.

5 Steps To Take When Your Ex Doesn’t Pay Child Support

Being a single parent is tough enough. Not getting child support makes it even tougher. Find out what to do if your ex stops paying child support.

4 Thoughts You Will Have During a Contested Custody Case

Contested custody cases are not for the faint of heart. Here are a few universal thoughts you will likely have through a contested custody case. 

How Is Child Custody Decided When Parents Live In Different States?

Custody after divorce can be complicated, and that is especially true if you and your former spouse are living in different states.


When And Why You Should Seek Full Custody During Divorce

Domestic abusers make up a high percentage of fathers seeking custody and they are winning in courtrooms around the United States

10 Must Do

A custody battle is an anxiety-provoking experience at an already stressful time. Follow these must-do's for the least amount of battle scars.

3 Reasons Child Support And Visitation Are Separate Issues

After going through the divorce process for almost a year, I have a better understanding why child support and visitation are two separate issues.

3 Child Custody Myths That Put Children Of Divorce At Risk

Parents endanger children with these three child custody myths that minimize the risk of emotional harm to children in custody and access battles.

How Does a DUI Charge Affect Child Custody?

A DUI (driving under the influence) charge does affect child custody during a divorce. It can affect the type of custody you retain of your children. 

5 Reasons Not To Share Custody And The Truth That Trumps It All

A cloud of confusion surrounds "shared custody,"what it is, what it isn't, and whether it is in your child's best interest. Here is the simple truth.

When an Ex Has More Assets: What If a Parent Can

Support paid by the higher earner may seem to “level the playing field" but what if one parent can’t afford to cover the split of extracurricular expenses?


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