Divorce Process
6 Things Every Couple Should Think About Before Divorcing

If you are thinking about divorce stop and think about these six things. You don't rush into a permanent change for problems that may have solutions. 




A Morning In The Life Of a Doomed Marriage

My stomach dropped as I began to read the messages. I tried to piece it all together as my world began to fall apart.

How I Saved My Second Marriage From The Brink of Divorce

My second marriage is stronger since we’ve been able to establish emotional safety and emotional attunement. I was able to save it from the brink of divorce.

Marriage: If I

I used to ride the “if-you-are-unhappy-get-divorced” train. Now, I cheer on married couples because if I'd done it differently, I'd still be married.

4 Reasons For Not Confronting Your Husband

It doesn't pay to confront the woman your husband is sleeping with. By doing so you take a bad situation and make it more riddled with conflict. 

5 Signs Your Marriage Is Destroying Your Spirit

You no longer remember the woman you were before walking down the aisle? Your marriage may be destroying your spirit and it's time to do something!


Well Which is Worse, Cheating or Snooping?

If you are in a relationship or married, which is worse, cheating or snooping? Is a deep friendship or online flirting, actually cheating? 

It’s Over: 4 Problems No Marriage Can Survive

People divorce for a multitude of reasons but it is this humble relationship coaches view that only a few problems that are truly irreparable.

5 Signs Your Marriage May Be Coming To An End

Does every situation evolve into a fight?  Constant arguments, affairs or unhappiness may be the big signs that your marriage is coming to an end.

5 Unpleasant Emotional Phases You Must Navigate After Infidelity

In order to fully heal there are five emotional stages one must go through when recovering from a spouse's infidelity. What phase are you in?

How To Get Over The Pain Of Marrying a Damaged Man

Healing is a process; you will feel okay again eventually, there's some science-backed methods you can use to heal after divorcing a damaged man.

10 Behaviors Of a Narcissistic Partner

The list of behaviors below is the best list I could come up with of the emotionally manipulative tactics used by a narcissist partner.

He Cheated: 8 Things You Probably Should Know

He cheated and your world was turned upside down. Here are 8 things you probably should know about the impact his cheating will have on you and your life.

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