Divorce Process
6 Secrets To a Happy Marriage: Love May Not Be All You Need

Maybe a loveless marriage isn't the problem, maybe it's the choices you and your spouse are consciously making that keeps you from a happy marriage.

3 Not So Obvious Signs a Marriage Is in Trouble

Not all is as it seems in some marriages. Some “happy” couples can miss the not so obvious signs of problems in a marriage. 

Healing After An Affair: 4 Myths of Being Completely Transparent

Is complete transparency necessary for healing to occur after an affair? Here are 4 myths that dispute that belief and suggestions for better resolution. 

9 Marital Problems Only Women Face

No marriage is devoid of problems. Problems caused by both spouses. This article focuses on marital problems that only women face, though. 

8 Toxic Habits Married Couples Need To Avoid

Eight toxic habits married couples exhibit toward each other that can destroy a marriage. Are you guilty of one of these bad habits?

Sexless Marriage? 5 Secrets To Increasing Marital Intimacy

Sexless marriages can be healed by taking these five suggestions for building intimacy in your marriage. Need help, here it is!

4 Money Problems That will Destroy a Marriage

Married or considering marriage but worried about finances? You're not alone. See our list on four money problems that will destroy a marriage.

7 Steps To Saving Your Marriage Through Problem Solving

Developing problem-solving skills in your best step toward saving your marriage. Clear communication, being able to name the problem and respect are needed.

Unhappy Husband? 6 Ways To Protect Yourself From An Unwanted Divorce

Are you assuming your marriage is healthy? Could you have an unhappy husband and be headed for an unwanted divorce? These tips are for you!

5 Things That Can Ruin a Perfectly Healthy Marriage

Regardless of how strong your marriage may be now or how much you think you love each other, there are always things that can ruin your healthy marriage.

If You Divorce You’ll Lose These 4 Benefits Of Marriage

Divorce may seem like the easy way out of a troubled marriage. If you do divorce there are benefits of marriage that you'll lose. Consider that first.

6 Things Every Couple Should Think About Before Divorcing

If you are thinking about divorce stop and think about these six things. You don't rush into a permanent change for problems that may have solutions. 

A Morning In The Life Of a Doomed Marriage

My stomach dropped as I began to read the messages. I tried to piece it all together as my world began to fall apart.

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