Divorce Process
10 Ways To Keep The Cost Of Your Divorce Down

When dealing with the stress and heartache of divorce, it makes sense to ease the pain and burden to yourself by keeping down the cost of your divorce.

6 Baby Steps: Financial Planning In The Beginning Of Your Divorce

Simple financial planning early in your divorce can make the process a lot easier. Here are six tips to make the financial separation easier.

Bitter Divorce: Revenge Alimony And a Need For Some Women To Control Their Ex

Some ex-wives fight for revenge alimony as a means of financial "payback" for the pain and suffering they're convinced is their ex-husband's fault!

What Happens To Support Payments If You Or Your Ex Is Disabled?

What happens to support payments after divorce if you or your ex-spouse become disabled or, unable, for some reason to work and pay?

Finance Lessons I Learned When Divorcing a Narcissist

Divorce in ,general, is hard, but when divorcing a narcissist, there are things you need to watch out for financially when divorcing a narcissist. 

He Cheated, She Has To Pay Alimony: What The Hell?

Times, they are changing. More and more men are receiving alimony and more and more women are screaming about how unfair it is.   

Divorce Is Difficult Enough Without Being Financially Blindsided

Divorce is hard enough as it is: pay attention to this advice to avoid financial difficulties accompanying your new relationship status.

5 Ways to Protect Retirement And Pension Benefits From Divorce
Financial issues and battles over assets, retirement pensions, and benefits are often at the forefront of the ugliness surrounding a divorce.


Does Your Ex Have Financial Secrets? Uncovering Hidden Assets

During a divorce, it's important to understand your financial rights and obligations. Learn the importance of a lifestyle analysis and hidden assets.

 An Attorney

Divorce can be a financial burden, but there are proactive steps you can take to reduce the financial strain.

3 Financial Tips For Transitioning From A Married To A Single Woman

Even though we have made progress in many areas, gender roles are still happily at play when it comes to paying household bills.

8 Tips For Getting A Grip On Your Finances After Divorce

Budgeting after divorce doesn't have to be scary. Take these simple steps to get started. Before you know it you'll be completely in control of your finances!

 Tick-Tock: Did You Know Your Lawyer Charges Round The Clock?

Lawyers charge around the clock. Knowing  how your lawyer charges can make a huge difference in whom you hire and in the cost of your divorce. 

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