Divorce Process
The 3 Biggest Advantages To Filing For Divorce First

There are advantages to being the first one to file for a divorce. The petitioner has a stronger position during the divorce process and other advantages.

5 Essential Steps To Preparing For Divorce

Learn five crucially important steps to prepare for divorce. From protecting your privacy to choosing the right divorce method for you.

22 Divorce Experts Share What They’ve Learned About Divorce

Divorce tips from 22 top divorce experts. Divorce wisdom and advice from those who work in the field of divorce. 

5 Tips For Hiring A Divorce Attorney That Best Fits Your Situation

Are you trying to hire a divorce attorney but not sure where to start? Check out our 5 tips to help you find the right attorney.

10 Things Every Woman Needs To Do Before Getting Divorced

Before you divorce every woman should consider doing the ten things outlined in this article. It's important you protect your legal rights before filing.

6 Must Take Steps if You Are Considering Divorce

If you are paralyzed with fear and unable to move ahead with your desire to divorce, these 6 steps will alleviate your fear over the idea of divorcing. 

31 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a Divorce Attorney

These are questions that will help you hire the divorce attorney who is right for you and your case. It's the most important divorce decision you'll make. 

9 Signs It

If you are constantly daydreaming of leaving and not interested in fixing things, then it is very unlikely it is way passed time to divorce.

The Second Stage of Divorce: Moving Out,  What to Expect

In the second stage of divorce, physical separation before divorce raises questions of who will live where and when and how that will happen. 

The First Stage of Divorce: Making the Decision To Divorce

Of the five stages of divorce, the first cognitive stage is setting the intention and deciding to divorce can be difficult and sometimes lengthy.

The Decision To Divorce: Are You Feeling Stuck?

It's never easy to make the decision to divorce. Analyzing what it may mean for you and your children can cause mental paralysis and you can become stuck. 

Do You Want To Go Through Divorce Or Grow Through Divorce?

Everyone going through divorce deals with anger and stress. You have a choice, you can go through divorce or, grow through divorce.

Collaborative Divorce: Would It Work For You?

Collaborative Divorce, the kindler, gentler divorce, is an evolving field in family law designed to take the antagonism out of divorce. 

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