The Ex
What I Learned About Cheating After I Cheated

Infidelity is painful. What if you are the one who chose to cheat? Do you have any right to "move on?" This is what I learned about cheating after I cheated.

3 Myths Cheaters Tell Themselves To Justify Their Affair

No one cheats without first justifying their reason for cheating. In this article, you'll find three myths used by cheaters to excuse their adultery. 

My Marriage, My Affair And My Hard Learned Lessons

My very personal story of leaving a loveless marriage for an affair that ultimately broke my heart. But the lessons are where the truth lives. 

How To Get Proof He Is Cheating Without Breaking The Law

Spy apps and phone trackers seem like a surefire way to catch any cheater in the act. Unfortunately they aren't legal evidence of cheating. 

Why Do Men Become Addicted To The Other Woman?

Men become addicted to the other woman because of the fascination and infatuation they feel being around her. It's isn't about truely being in love. 

Serial Infidelity: He Chose To Come Clean On Christmas Eve

Do all men have lousy timing or is my husband the only one who decides to confess his serial infidelities on Christmas Eve?

7 Reasons Your Husband Left You For His Emotional Affair Partner

Men have emotional affairs because of how they feel in their marriage and how good the affair partners helps them feel about themselves. 

4 Reasons For Not Confronting Your Husband

It doesn't pay to confront the woman your husband is sleeping with. By doing so you take a bad situation and make it more riddled with conflict. 

5 Unpleasant Emotional Phases You Must Navigate After Infidelity

In order to fully heal there are five emotional stages one must go through when recovering from a spouse's infidelity. What phase are you in?

Brad Pitt Cheated on Angelina Jolie? Wish I Could Say I

Seems like a bad day to pile on, but I could never warm up to AngelinaJolie. And, I'm having a hard time caring if Brad Pitt Cheated on Angelina.

He Cheated: 8 Things You Probably Should Know

He cheated and your world was turned upside down. Here are 8 things you probably should know about the impact his cheating will have on you and your life.

Did He Cheat Because You Weren

Dr. Laura Schlessinger says that when a wife doesn't nurture her husband he is more likely to cheat. Are women really to blame for a cheating husband?

Cheating: The First 30 Days, I

This is my journey down the rabbit hole of pain, heartache, and moving forward after discovering my ex using Tinder to meet women.   

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