The Ex
He Said He Was Emotionally Unavailable And I Didn

What's it like to be with an emotionally unavailable man? It's like an addiction but there is no return on the investment you make. 

Divorcing Someone With a Personality Disorder: 6 Things To Expect

People with personality disorders manipulate situations to appear blameless. Knowing what to expect will help you plan for the difficult road ahead. 

How I Got Revenge On My Narcissistic, Abusive Ex

Emotionally drained, betrayed and pretty much feeling like the walking dead? Here's the secret that the narcissistic abuser doesn't want you to know.

How To Get Over The Pain Of Marrying a Damaged Man

Healing is a process; you will feel okay again eventually, there's some science-backed methods you can use to heal after divorcing a damaged man.

10 Behaviors Of a Narcissistic Partner

The list of behaviors below is the best list I could come up with of the emotionally manipulative tactics used by a narcissist partner.

Married To a Narcissist: How Did I Get Here?

How did I get there? How did I not know and why didn’t I see it before it was too late? Here is what my marriage to a narcissist looked like. 

The Addictive Traits Of The Narcissist: 3 Tips For Breaking Free

Being in a relationship with a narcissist is like being addicted to a drug. It's hard to break the addiction but there are ways to break free. 

10 Struggles Of Divorcing a High Conflict Spouse

When dealing with a high conflict spouse during divorce, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the drama and miss what’s really driving the train.

The Evolution of a Narcissistic Man: It Isn

Narcissistic Personal Disorder (NPD) effects 1% of the population. There is no cure or medication to control the disorder and, it isn't the mother's fault!

A Single Moms Thoughts On Brock Turner & How Not To Raise a Rapist

Brock Turner's parents put athletic achievement before character development and, as a result, they raised a rapist. 

5 Reasons It Was Easy For Me To Be Taken In By a Narcissist

What I interpreted as sincere gestures of kindness is something called “loving bombing,” a tactic narcissists use to lure a person into trusting them.

3 Personality Disorders That Wreak Havoc On Relationships

Borderline personality disorder, narcissistic personality disorder, avoidant personality disorder can wreak havoc on personal relationships and marriage.

Why Donald Trump Makes Us Squirm: Narcissism and Abuse

For anyone healing from an abusive relationship, Donald Trump's rhetoric may leave you with some unexpected and unwelcome responses. 

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