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Saying "Yes": How I Got My Life Back After a Marriage Filled With "NO"

In my marriage to a narcissist, I had a lifetime of ‘no’s, now my answer to any invitation is 'yes' and that's how I ended up in a Boogie Wonderland.

How Leaving My Husband Brought Me Back To Myself

He took me many places, some of them dark, lonely, and heartbreaking. And when I had had enough, he brought me back to myself.

16 Simple Ways To Love Yourself A Little More Each Day

We can't truly love another if we don't love ourselves. If you find that a complicated idea here are 16 ways to love yourself more each day. 

Divorcing Sober: How Recovery Helped Me Get Out Of A Bad Marriage

It was in black and white. I had to quit drinking if I was to have my children overnight. I had to make a decision, it was drinking or the kids.

8 Reasons To Forget About Finding Love And Focus On Yourself

Self-love is crucial to building relationships based on mutual respect, integrity, and honesty. So focus on yourself and not finding love after divorce.

Book Excerpt: Un-Settling How to Help Your Kids by Making & Modeling an Amazing Life After Divorce

With the tender, wry wisdom of Anne Lamott’s Operating Instructions, Un-Settling teaches you how to create the post-divorce life you’ve been longing for.

3 Strategies For Creating Your New Life After Divorce

You have come through the divorce process in one piece. What's next for you? Here are 3 strategies for creating your new life after divorce.


7 Reasons Why It

Women may be particularly vulnerable to feeling stigmatized if they are not single. Here are 7 reasons it's a good idea for women to stay single.  

10 Things You Never Owe Anyone

Do you find yourself saying things you don't really mean? Doing things you dont really want to do? If so, here are 10 things you don't owe anyone.

6 Things I Learned To Like About Myself Once He Was Gone

No one expects to be alone when you marry.  You plan to die with your partner by your side. Learning to love your solitude is priceless. 

I Divorced a Millionaire In Exchange For Peace And a Surprising New Love

Embracing drastic change after divorce can lead to great joy. From a millionaire to a ski pro, a tale of exchanging wealth for peace.

A Letter To The Person I Was 12 Months Ago

Some days I don't feel like I've come very far,  but then there are days where I fly high and I wrote myself a letter as a reminder.

Guilty: I Had To Divorce To Get Rid Of My Constant Guilt

Guilt is a peculiar culprit. Guilt eats at my core, feeds my waistline and keeps me up at night. Tackling guilt isn't easy, but divorce helped me.

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