The New You
I Divorced a Millionaire In Exchange For Peace And a Surprising New Love

Embracing drastic change after divorce can lead to great joy. From a millionaire to a ski pro, a tale of exchanging wealth for peace.

A Letter To The Person I Was 12 Months Ago

Some days I don't feel like I've come very far,  but then there are days where I fly high and I wrote myself a letter as a reminder.

Guilty: I Had To Divorce To Get Rid Of My Constant Guilt

Guilt is a peculiar culprit. Guilt eats at my core, feeds my waistline and keeps me up at night. Tackling guilt isn't easy, but divorce helped me.

7 Things I Found in Storage Unit 17 After My Divorce

Going through your things after divorce can be difficult. Go looking for strength, peace and the love that exists in your things instead of painful memories.

Quotes From "How to Be Single" That Every Single Woman Can Identify With

Have you seen the movie How to Be Single? Here are five quotes from the movie that I am certain every single woman can relate to.

6 Things I Wish I

So many of us say I wish I would have known then what I know now. Would sunrises and rocks change my marriage? Not sure, but I'm glad I finally know now.

The Mental Steps I Had To Take When Leaving My Marriage

There were several mental steps I had to take to ready myself for divorce. Before the physical act of living came the mental act of preparing. 

7 Regrets To Avoid Later In Life

Live so you don't have regrets later in life. That's a harder to put into practice when the reality of life gets you down. It isn't impossible, though!

 6 Things I Learned About Myself In My First Year Post Divorce

Post-divorce is the perfect time to start learning new things about yourself and using those things in a positive manner. 

4 Valuable Lessons I Learned After Leaving My Husband

I had many doubts and fears when I initially left my husband. Over one year later, I now celebrate four valuable lessons that I learned from leaving.

Chasing The Life I Didn

I sometimes dream about that life I didn't live, the one with no husband, no children, living abroad near my British relatives and breaking all ties. 

How To Embrace Singleness After Divorce & Love It!

Singleness is not a label but a lifestyle. It is when we embrace it while forgiving the past we learn to love again.



Are You Unknowingly Inspiring Others?

How we often forget that our experiences are not necessarily meant for us but designed to inspire and create energy within others.

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