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9 Qualities a Single Mom Embodies That Make Her a Real-Life “Wonder Woman”

Wonder Woman embodies many of the qualities that we single moms possess but may not always congratulate ourselves for exemplifying.

Book Excerpt: Un-Settling How to Help Your Kids by Making & Modeling an Amazing Life After Divorce

With the tender, wry wisdom of Anne Lamott’s Operating Instructions, Un-Settling teaches you how to create the post-divorce life you’ve been longing for.

3 Strategies For Creating Your New Life After Divorce

You have come through the divorce process in one piece. What's next for you? Here are 3 strategies for creating your new life after divorce.


7 Reasons Why It

Women may be particularly vulnerable to feeling stigmatized if they are not single. Here are 7 reasons it's a good idea for women to stay single.  

10 Things You Never Owe Anyone

Do you find yourself saying things you don't really mean? Doing things you dont really want to do? If so, here are 10 things you don't owe anyone.

6 Things I Learned To Like About Myself Once He Was Gone

No one expects to be alone when you marry.  You plan to die with your partner by your side. Learning to love your solitude is priceless. 

I Divorced a Millionaire In Exchange For Peace And a Surprising New Love

Embracing drastic change after divorce can lead to great joy. From a millionaire to a ski pro, a tale of exchanging wealth for peace.

A Letter To The Person I Was 12 Months Ago

Some days I don't feel like I've come very far,  but then there are days where I fly high and I wrote myself a letter as a reminder.

Guilty: I Had To Divorce To Get Rid Of My Constant Guilt

Guilt is a peculiar culprit. Guilt eats at my core, feeds my waistline and keeps me up at night. Tackling guilt isn't easy, but divorce helped me.

7 Things I Found in Storage Unit 17 After My Divorce

Going through your things after divorce can be difficult. Go looking for strength, peace and the love that exists in your things instead of painful memories.

Quotes From "How to Be Single" That Every Single Woman Can Identify With

Have you seen the movie How to Be Single? Here are five quotes from the movie that I am certain every single woman can relate to.

6 Things I Wish I

Have you ever thought, I wish I had known then what I know now? Marriage and divorce would be so much easier if we could go into knowing then.

The Mental Steps I Had To Take When Leaving My Marriage

There were several mental steps I had to take to ready myself for divorce. Before the physical act of living came the mental act of preparing. 

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