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Men give women the power to destroy them —well, at least their egos – by making “getting” women a masculine right-of-passage and a sign of power.

Are You Dating Again? 8 Signs of True And Lasting Love

Are you in a relationship and wondering if you two are a good match? Want to know if your new love is true and lasting love? Here are 8 signs it is.


Even the strongest of bonds can’t withstand these seemingly innocent behaviors when they become the norm in a relationship. They can be worse than cheating.

10 Ways To Steer Clear Of Partners Who Are Wrong For You

How can I recognize destructive patterns in relationships and take steps to change them? Here are 10 ways to stay away from partners who are wrong for you.

The One Thing That Every Man In a Relationship Must Do

Where does a man start, what is the one thing he can do daily that will show his partner how valuable she is? He starts with a kiss!


Women don't need a special magic fix or to accept that they should've said the right thing to hold on to a man. Stop listening to stupid dating advice! 


The practical approaches and tools to help you understand if you're ready to date after your divorce. It's all about your healing and feelings about dating!

8 Ways To Make Yourself Irresistible To Men

Want to become irresistible to men? It isn't so much about manicures and waxing as much as it is about loving yourself and being confident every day!  

How To Break The Habit Of Attracting The Wrong Kind Of Man

Constantly finding yourself broken hearted over a relationship that didn't work out? Could it be that you need you're attracting the wrong kind of man?

Dating Outside Your Age Range? It Has Nothing To Do With Age!

I dated a man 13-years older than me and learned that it isn't about age range, it's about how your date makes you feel, regardless of their age.

10 Common Sense Reasons To Avoid a Relationship The First Year After Divorce

There are very valid, common sense reasons why romance shouldn't be your top priority after divorce, and why healing should be.

8 Mistakes You’re Making When It Come To Dating After Divorce

Being alone after divorce doesn't need to be your destiny. Avoid these 8 dating mistakes for the best chances of finding the right partner. 

Misconceptions: 4 Things That Love Is NOT

In our relationships, it is easy to lose sight of what love really is and isn't. For your information, here are four things love is NOT.

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