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8 Qualities That Make Women Emotionally Attractive To Men

To hold onto a man you must be physically and emotionally attractive to him. Do you have what it takes to attract a man emotionally?

Don’t Start Dating After Divorce Until You Memorize These 11 Things

Dating after divorce is both exhilarating and frightening! On the other hand, the thought of putting yourself out there is enough to make anyone nervous.

7 Signs You’re Sleeping With a Narcissist

Almost every narcissist has the exact same traits, so if you’re aware of these, it’s easy to put some limits before a relationship has begun.

7 Ways to Make Your Second Marriage Last

If you want to save your second marriage, examine your own actions while adopting realistic expectations about your partner’s willingness to change.

To Know What You Want In a Man, You Have To Know Yourself First

When you describe your perfect man, are you truly describing the things that matter most? Or are you focusing on the things that don't really matter?

Rejection After Divorce: 4 Ways You Can Feel Better

Going through a divorce, finding hope again and getting yourself out there isn’t easy. Here are 4 ways to feel better!

Marriage Dropout: How I Got a Big Fat F In Relationships

I looked at child's rhymes as my path to happiness. Our divorce was an unexpected left turn and caused me to become a marriage dropout. 

When Someone You Love Is Toxic: 8 Steps To Moving On

Many people become involved with the wrong partner. Someone who is emotionally unavailable and toxic and need help letting go of the relationship and moving on.

8 Ways To Make Your Bedroom Time More Romantic For You & Your Partner

Want to have a more vibrant sex life? Start by tweaking your mindset and make your time in the bedroom with your partner more intense and interesting. 

6 Things That May Ruin Your New Relationship

We’ve rounded up the six things you need to watch out for if you want to keep your new relationship healthy and headed for long-term love. 

Sex Drive Dead? Here Are 5 Ways To Bring It Back To Life

Sex drive dead, tanked out? Here are five tips from Joni Edelman and that will have your drive up and humming in no time. 

8 Essential Topics To Discuss With Your Partner Before You Marry Again

There are no guarantees when it comes to marry again after divorce, the likelihood of it succeeding goes way up if you can proceed with your eyes wide open.

What I Learned On 30 First Dates After My Divorce

What do you want out of your next relationship? I went on 30 first dates to find out what I wanted out of my next relationship after my divorce.

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