The New You
Upcoming Spring Trends For All The Brave Women

The season changing period is the perfect time for expressing your fashion statements. Fashion choices make us feel ready for our life changes.

Politics Got You Anxious? Your 10 Day Challenge to Overcome Fear

If you struggle with fear and anxiety, due to frightening news headlines since January 20th consider taking this 10 Day Challenge to Overcome Fear.

How To Bring Balance Back To Your Life In 2017

Would you like to have more balance in your life? Make New Year's resolutions which are specific and don’t wait too long to start living by them.

Style: Outfits That Boost Self-Confidence

When we focus on obligations, we often forget ourselves. There is one universal thing which always helps in a crisis, and that thing is called style.

6 Signs Your Dog is Depressed About Your Divorce

Your animals, and in particular, the family dog can be adversely affected by your divorce. Learn how to recognize the signs of depression in your dog.

Meditation: How You Can Beat Divorce Related Stress

The practice of meditation offers peace, serenity, and calm – a welcome respite from the turbulent and stressful emotions of divorce.

6 Ways To Enhance Your Nutrition During Divorce

When stress effects your digestive system you can develop chronic problems throughout your body. Learn how to keep a healthy gut during divorce.

Suicide And Divorce: What You Need To Know

The ugly reality of divorce is that sometimes even the prospect of it can be so bad that some people become suicidal. Are you prepared?

Kids Out Of Control? 5 Tips For The Overwhelmed Single Mom

Parenting is one of the toughest jobs, especially when the kids are out of control. Here are 5 tips for the overwhelmed single mom. 

5 Ways To Get Back In Shape After Getting The Shaft

Getting a divorce does not mean life is over. Instead, let it be an opportunity to start fresh and improve your health with these five healthy changes.

Divorce, Depression And Running: How I Came Out The Other Side

Depression after my divorce had become suicidal and was robbing me of my life until I found running. Getting active cured my depression and gave me back my life.

7 Tips Every Divorced Woman Should Follow When Dating After Divorce

Any divorced woman may feel apprehension when getting back into the dating game. There are ways you can gain back your confidence and find love again.

Book Review:

'Not My Buddy' is Tracey Berkowitz's inspiring true story of physical and emotional healing after being infected with a parasite carried by her dog. 

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