The New You
8 Things You Will Love About Being Divorced

Relief, independence, new opportunities, peace, not sharing, the new you, and a future of promise are only some things you'll love about being divorce.

Steps To A Better Me: How I Learned To Stop Hating My Ex

"He would be better off dead." Have you ever wished that about your ex? I have, and I am not ashamed to say that. I no longer hate him.  

How To Find Your Way After Divorce: You Need a Plan

Feeling lost after divorce is normal. Struggling to find your way after divorce is disconcerting. If you're recently divorced you need a plan for moving on.

Don’t Let Fear Rule In 2017: Take Control Of Your Success

What are you afraid of? Do you know your fears? Are you afraid of failure? Make 2017 the year you overcome these fears and make the most of life.

The Third Stage Of Divorce: Emotional Separation

Emotional separation in a divorce involves unbonding the romantic and dependent aspects of the marriage and allows for growth and transformation.

5 Things That Keep Women From Moving On After Divorce

At some point after divorce, you will start feeling as if you are stuck! Anger, regret, self-loathing are just a few of the things keeping you from moving on.


Moving On: 7 Tips For Reinventing Yourself After Divorce

Change such as divorce transforms you. If you can look at your experience from a positive angle, you will most certainly grow in the best possible way.


How I Managed to Survive & Thrive After My Husband Left

I recently found myself a single mom after my husband left our long-term marriage? Don’t fear, with a few adjustments you WILL survive and thrive too.

Can You Maintain Emotional Maturity During and After Divorce?

Divorce can be riddled with conflict. If you aren't able to maintain emotional maturity, the conflict will take over the process and all involved will suffer. 

3 Questions That Can Haunt You Post-Divorce

After some time has passed, it's common for women to revisit their decision to divorce. Sometimes this leads to second-guessing and confusion . 

Affirmations: Out With The Ugly, In With The Self-Affirming

Most women suffer from low self esteem after a divorce. This article details simple steps any divorced woman can implement to increase her self worth.

Why Healing Losses And Moving On After Divorce Can Be Difficult

Divorce it entails loss, even if you wanted it, but especially if you didn't. Each loss must be accepted to let go and successfully move on.

How To Let Go Of Bitterness After Divorce

Bitterness and anger holds you back from rebuilding and moving on after divorce. If you are stuck in bitterness and anger this article helps you let go. 

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