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How To Deal With The Rude Stuff People Say When You

On top of going through a divorce, all the legalities, you’ve also got to deal with the betrayal of people saying rude things.

#SelfCareSunday: 5 Ways To Help Mend A Broken Heart

If you are reading this, it’s likely that you have experienced a broken heart and you know the familiar, gnawing emptiness of heartbreak. 

4 Reasons Your Family Grieves Your Divorce

Divorce causes a ripple effect of grief throughout your social circle. Understanding your family's grief is the key to handling their and your own grief.

7 Technologies For Stress Relief During a Divorce

Going through a divorce can cause a great deal of stress, especially at home. However, there are a variety of gadgets available to make things easier.

9 Things To Expect From An Angry Ex During And After Divorce

Nothing complicates the divorce process and life after divorce more than an angry ex. They are hell bent on punishing and use a number of behaviors to do so. 

How Giving Of Yourself Encourages Healing After a Divorce

It’s important to understand that we all need time to heal after divorce, and above all, that we all heal in different ways.

Reasons Some Women Hang Onto Blame And Anger After Divorce

While some women can't wait to move on and start over after a divorce, some hang onto blame and anger after divorce instead. Why? Let's find out! 

10 Inspiration Quotes For When Moving On Feels Impossible

Inspirational quotes from women who have "been there" in terms of divorce,, adversity, disappointment and trying to move on.

Divorce And Recovery From An Addicted Partner

Addiction can break a marriage, but it can also break the person in the relationship with the addict. Recovery can be hard. Here are tips and advice.

I Had Never Been Alone and Wasn

I was never alone until I got divorced. I wasn't sure I could sleep in silence, live surrounded only by myself and learn to like my own company again. 

He Chose To Leave: Now We Live With The Choice He Made

When he chose to leave he left us no other choice but to live with and make the best of the choices he is now making. 

Learning From the Fall: Why You Should Embrace Failure

No one likes to fail. As we get older, we tend to shy away from situations where we have to really put ourselves out there and risk failing. 

5 Valuable Lessons I Learned After My Husband Left Me

Consider these tips for survival after your husband leaves. They may save you some years of stagnation after an unwanted divorce.



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