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Up On The Roof: The Unlikely Place I Gained New Perspective

After my divorce, my kids would escape to the roof to let their pain settle. One night I decided to join my daughter there and found a new perspective. 

The First Year of Divorce: 10 Truths No One Tells You But Should

The first year after a divorce is an emotional rollercoaster. You'll feel things you never expected to feel. Things like these ten feelings. 

8 Dumb Things Keeping You From Healing After Divorce

When you're going through a divorce, it feels like nothing will every be ok again. Stop doing these dumb things and you will heal after divorce.

Emotional Pain: 4 Reasons It

Even if you wanted a divorce you may be unable to understand why the emotional pain of divorce is so hard to get over. This article explains what happens.

How I Became Thankful For a Divorce I Didn

After the tears and emotional devastation, divorce can become a beautiful journey full of self-love and appreciation. 

5 Ways To Kill Divorce Stress Before It Kills You

Going through a divorce only feels like it might kill you. Take it from a gal who knows and follow these steps to rid yourself of divorce stress.

6 Tips For Controlling Your Emotions During Divorce

Divorce brings about a roller coaster of emotions. Here are some helpful tips to manage those emotions at a time when you should be in control of them.

Failure: Is It a Necessity On The Road To Success?

Most of us were taught throughout the years through our experiences that failure is bad and wrong. But maybe failure can be a stepping stone to better things.

Emotional Agility & Relationships: An Interview With Dr. Susan David

In Emotional Agility: Get Unstuck, Susan David, draws on more than twenty years of research to show emotionally agile people are not immune to stresses.

10 Easy And At Times, Difficult Steps To Getting Over Your Divorce

As difficult as the pain is, you can get over your divorce. This article outlines ten steps you'll need to take in order to heal your divorce pain.

How To Deal With The Rude Stuff People Say When You

On top of going through a divorce, all the legalities, you’ve also got to deal with the betrayal of people saying rude things.

#SelfCareSunday: 5 Ways To Help Mend A Broken Heart

If you are reading this, it’s likely that you have experienced a broken heart and you know the familiar, gnawing emptiness of heartbreak. 

4 Reasons Your Family Grieves Your Divorce

Divorce causes a ripple effect of grief throughout your social circle. Understanding your family's grief is the key to handling their and your own grief.

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