Concerned about alcohol consumption during parenting time? Soberlink can help.


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Call (714) 908-4271 to include alcohol monitoring in your divorce settlement agreement, or manage sobriety during parenting time.

At we understand the importance of the peace of mind that comes from knowing your children are safe. Fortunately, there are modern and non-invasive solutions available with Soberlink. The Soberlink Breathalyzer collects breath samples and tests alcohol levels during parenting time and sends real-time notifications of consumption to parents via text or email.

State-of-the-art tamper detection and facial recognition technology adds yet another layer of assurance to the Soberlink System.

Soberlink's reliability and accuracy has been successfully validated in court for years.


Why use Soberlink for alcohol monitoring?


  • Makes safer parenting possible. Soberlink is the most reliable and responsible way to gain visitation privileges.

  • Discreet, convenient and user-friendly. With Soberlink, real-time results are ready within 60 seconds of submitting a breath test. Visiting a lab for urine testing or waiting for an evaluation period is no longer necessary.

  • Leader in mobile alcohol monitoring. Soberlink is the only truly mobile alcohol testing solution available. An increasingly mobile world requires mobile solutions. Alcohol levels can be tested from anywhere, at any time during the visitation period.

  • Proven track record. Thousands of people have been successfully monitoring sobriety with Soberlink.


SoberLink's process is straightforward:


  • Set up a testing schedule online; once approved, the system will send reminders to submit breath tests at scheduled times
  • Real-time Breath Alcohol Concentration (BrAC) results are collected while simultaneously confirming identity with facial recognition technology
  • Test results are immediately sent to a secure online Sober Sky Web Portal
  • Instant text message notifications are sent out to the custodial parent and designated contacts in the event of alcohol consumption or missed scheduled tests

Here’s what Soberlink’s customers have to say:

“In my 25 years serving family law as a substance abuse expert, Soberlink is the best accountability tool I’ve used to promote safer parenting time.”
- Colleen Moore, Substance Use Evaluator for Family Law

"The fact that Soberlink monitors alcohol sobriety in real-time, makes it a smart, efficient and cost-effective choice over other testing methods like urine analysis. I recommend Soberlink for alcohol monitoring for ensuring a safe and sober environment around the children."
- Armand Lebovits, Mental Health Professional Substance Use Evaluator, Child and Family Investigator, and Evaluator

To get more information about Soberlink, or to place an order, call (714) 908-4271, visit, or complete the form.
Soberlink Devices can be shipped, with full instructions, directly to either the custodial parent or to the intended monitored parent.

Working with a family lawyer?

Ask your lawyer to call (714) 908-4271, or fill out the form, to discuss including Soberlink in your divorce settlement agreement.