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10 Tips to Avoid Giving All Your Assets To Your Divorce Lawyer

No one wants to spend a fortune on their divorce lawyer.  Here are 10 tips to help you keep more of your money in your own hands.

My First Experience With The Family Court System

I have been served, lawyered up and the first court date is one week away and then the date arrives. 

Do You Know How Divorce Will Affect Your Taxes?

Whether you’ve recently legally separated, or divorced, if your marital status has changed in the past year, you should think about the tax implications.

The 7 Dos and Don’ts For Landing Your Post-Divorce Dream Job

So you are divorced and starting over. Not only with love but with your career. This time around you want to go to work feeling excited. Here is how.

Sleep Tight! 10 Ways to Wake up Refreshed

Tips to beat insomnia after divorce or any transition in life. How to get the restful sleep that you require.


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