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Life, Liberty and Shared Custody: Surviving 4th of July Without Your Children

Are you in too much of a funk to give a second thought to fireworks and hotdogs? Holidays…the 4th of July, Thanksgiving and...

Adultery And Divorce: 5 Reasons to Stay, 5 Reasons to Leave

Are you considering having an affair and staying married? Or maybe you think that adultery spells divorce, no matter what.

5 Top Techniques Of A Master Manipulator: Is Yours Using One Of These On You?

I've spent the last two weeks since I fell for my ex's latest stunt deconstructing his hat tricks. And I think I've figured out his techniques.

He Left Two Weeks Ago. This Is What Hatred Looks Like!

A raw account of how I felt two weeks after my husband left our home. The daily fear of waking up, and not knowing how I will feel today. 

Forgiveness And Infidelity: I

Discovering my husband's double life with the other woman and her children was no joking matter. Especially when I found out she was pregnant by him.


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