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Heart Disease: As a Single Mom, Are You Taking Care of Your Health?

Heart disease is the Number One killer of women. One in 31 women will die of breast cancer this year, one in three women will die of heart disease.

10 Great Ways To Shop For Designer Fashion, At A Discount!

Do you love designer fashion? Me, too! But I don't love the price, so I have become a savvy discount shopper. You can, too! 

Why Smart (Divorcing) Couples Need A Financial Team

You've hired a divorce attorney. Do you need a financial expert to help you before you sign the papers? 

When Forgiveness Isn’t Possible: Accepting the Unforgivable

Have you been wronged? Is it unforgivable.
Sometimes bad things  are done to good people; well more than sometimes.

Young Kids And Divorce: What We Did To Help Their Transition

My experiences both as a divorcee with young children and one who lived through her own parents' divorce as a toddler.


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