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Featured Contributor, Lizzy Smilez

Lizzy is the mother of two, a cancer survivor, a survivor of divorce, a lover of travel and a regular divorcedmoms blogger. 

Featured Contributor, Lisa Thomson

This week's featured contributor is Lisa Thomson. Lisa is the author of The Great Escape: A Girl’s Guide to Leaving a Marriage, and a HuffPost Blogger.

Featured Contributor, Stacey Freeman

This week's featured contributor is Stacey Freeman. Stacey is the DivorcedMoms senior editor and digitally published writer and blogger.

Yes, My Marriage Failed And I

My marriage failed. Does that make me a bad wife? A bad mom? A bad person? No, no and no. A failed marriage has its good points as well as its bad.

My Post-Divorce Summer Fling Taught Me New Things About Sex, And More

The wild sex of a summer fling did more than take care of a few urges. It helped me discover what I want and need in a relationship.

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