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The Push And Pull Game: The Game That Never Ends

You'd think that after years of being divorced, separate houses and the fact that the "children" are basically grown; the push/pull dynamic would end.

Divorce Mediation: Is It Practical to Keep The Family Home After Divorce?

Being able to make the mortgage payment is not the only thing to consider when deciding what happens to the marital home.

How To Respond When A Child Wants To Live With The Other Parent

Generally, custody and residency decisions are better left up to parents. But at times, parents may be swayed by their children's preferences.

Not in my Job Description: Single Mom or SuperMom?

Single moms have the best job in the world. But have you ever wondered what the job description for a single mom would look like?

10 Qualities Every Single Mom Should Look For In A Stepdad

What actually makes for a good stepdad? Here are the top 10 qualities I believe make successful stepfathers.


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