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6 Steps To Dividing Up Your Personal Belongings

Dividing up your personal belongings is more one of the difficult milestones that come with the end of an marriage. Here are six tips that can help.

Fashionably Divorced: Change Your Mood With Your Wardrobe!
You can update your mood as easily as changing your clothing. Use color in your wardrobe to brighten your days. It pays to be fashionably divorced!

What Happens When Girls Marry Father Figures

Many authors posit that a daughter's relationship with her father is the first one that teaches her how she should be treated by a man.

The 8 Best Ways to Help a Friend Through Divorce

Understanding the stages of divorce: The Pre stage, The active stage, and the post stage will allow you to be a supportive friend.

Divorce Related Anxiety: 10 Realistic Ways to Cope

Divorce is stressful! Before, during, and after the papers are signed. Here are 10 realistic ways to help you battle that anxiety.


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