10 Divorce Bloggers You Have To Check Out
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By Live By Surprise, Featured DM Blogger - February 17, 2017


Opening up about your divorce can be a very difficult thing to do–especially if you've experienced (or are experiencing) a very difficult divorce or co-parenting relationship. But there are men and women out there who share their post-divorce journeys in order to help keep the divorce "newbies" from making the same mistakes or just to make them feel a little less alone.

You can find a wealth of writers with great advice here on DivorcedMoms.com, but there are other wonderful resources and stories that will help you with your own journey. These are my ten favorites. 

Below are my 10 favorite divorce bloggers: 

1. Tara Eisenhard, Author, Divorce Coach & Mediator is both a child of divorce and a divorced woman. At her site, Relative Evolutions, Tara writes about the evolution of relationships through the process of separation and post-divorce. Tara is actively working to remove the stigma of divorce. Her book, The D-Word uses real life examples to address conflict, communication, and attitudes after divorce. I love Tara's positive attitude. She's big on self-love and rebuilding bridges after divorce. She's written recently about reasons to block your ex on social media and her very new marriage

2. Audrey Cade, the Divorce Warrior, is the author of Divorce Matters: Help for Hurting Hearts and Why Divorce is Sometimes the Best Decision. Audrey writes about all of the different phases of divorce, from the initial break-up to co-parenting, and right into remarriage and blending. Audrey has a lot of experience as the matriarch of a blended family of eight along with professional experience as a case manager social worker. Her recent articles have spoken to loving yourself after divorce and getting out of the guilt/shame trap

3. Lisa Arends, Lessons from the End of A Marriage. I discovered Lisa as I was starting to write about my own divorce. She wrote a book (also titled Lessons from the End of a Marriage) about her own separation and divorce that reads a bit like a spy novel (I literally read from start to finish because I couldn't put it down). But more than that, Lisa evolved from a woman who was completely blindsided by her ex's double life into a self-confident and composed woman who is able to love again. And more than that – she wants you to learn from her mistakes. She's recently written about divorce and the winter blues, and post-divorce milestones. 

4. Mandy Walker of Since My Divorce is also a member of the DivorcedMoms team. Mandy looks at divorce as an individual process that we all experience in different ways. She's cataloged divorce on her site, interviewing women who have gone through it from all different walks of life and she also has some great divorce resources including coaches, financial gurus, and lawyers. Her site has had recent posts on divorce finances and helping your child through divorce

5. Shannon Bradley-Colleary is The Woman Formerly Known as Beautiful (but I've seen her pics...I don't know if that's an accurate description). Shannon isn’t technically a divorce blogger, but I don’t think she’d deny some pretty spectacular break-ups with a couple of different Mr. Wrongs: especially as her recent book is entitled She Dated the #Asshats but Married the Good Guy. Shannon has some great tips on how to identify asshats and rid yourself of them. Shannon also has some tips to spice up your sex life.

6. Lisa Thomson wrote the manual on divorce.  Her book, A Girl's Guide to Leaving a Marriage provides very practical advice alongside personal stories that will help the reader navigate a messy divorce process. Her site, Lisa Thomson Live shares her tales about divorce recovery while keeping your sanity, as well as her insights into very serious issues with the Canadian legal system.   

7. Chris Armstrong, Certified Relationship Coach writes on Sounds of Silence for DivorcedMoms. It might seem a little odd that a relationship coach would be writing about break-ups – but post-divorce relationships are necessary, especially when there are children involved. I like Chris’ pragmatic views on divorce recovery. His articles speak to regaining balance after a divorce and helping people to move on. Chris’ recent articles speak about isolation after divorce and dating after divorce. 

8. Kyle Bradford, Chopper Papa. He's been divorced and co-parenting for so long his teenage children can't remember a life before divorce. He speaks of the stigma against single dads, post-divorce relationships and dealing with child support with the wisdom of a man who has seen it all. 

9. Kate Chapman and her husband Gabe have a real-life Brady Bunch with six children between them. Both divorced with children, Kate blended her family with his and now writes about it on This Life in Progress. She's got some refreshing insights on post-divorce life and remarriage. She's written about finding love where she least expected it, step-parent boundaries and making new family traditions. If you're looking for stories and advice about blending families, this is the site to see.

10. Gary Matthews of Skipah’s Realm writes about his experiences as a (not by choice) non-custodial dad. Gary writes about making the most out of his very limited time with his daughter, who was moved out of state with her mother. Gary recently hosted a guest series on the truth of divorce. I like Gary's down-to-earth attitude and his ability to maintain a sense of humor in a very difficult situation. 

As you can see, divorce bloggers come from all different walks of life. No matter where you're coming from, you can find someone who is in a similar situation and get some fantastic advice - or at least feel like you're not alone. Do you have a favorite divorce blogger we haven't listed? Mention them in the comments!

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