16 Simple Ways To Love Yourself A Little More Each Day
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By Emily Taylor, Guest Author - August 09, 2017


We cannot bring the best in ourselves if we don’t love ourselves. Over many years, I have realized the importance of self-love. I have tried to practice all these tips each day.

Here are 16 simple ways to love yourself:

1. Smile for yourself and smile at others

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Smiling for yourself releases positive energy. Smile represents happiness and satisfaction. Studies show that smiling in the front of the mirror has many health benefits.

A smile is an infectious disease. If you smile at someone, the other person will also smile at you. Smiling uplifts your mood.

2. Compliment yourself

We always focus on others. We tend to forget that what our strengths are. We must appreciate and compliment ourselves. You must tell yourself that I am beautiful and I am awesome.

It will boost your energy and will keep you moving with a smile on your face.

3. Write positive points about you on the piece of paper

Write the letter of appreciation to yourself. Make a list of the efforts that you have done to reach this point in your life. Acknowledge your skills, talents, and traits. Realize your worth and what you are capable of.

Feel that how special you are. It builds your confidence and self-esteem. Improve your self-esteem by analyzing your positives and negatives.

4. Do things that make you happy

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Pursue your hobbies like listening to music, painting or cooking that makes you feel happy. Never do something that hurts other.

The negative thoughts are like weeds that look like rhubarb. As rhubarb is toxic so are the negative thoughts.

Remove these negative thoughts from your mind.

5. Be proud of yourself

Being proud of yourself increases your self-esteem. People who feel proud of them are passionate about them and feel content. Always count your achievements and goals achieved.

6. Reward yourself

On achieving set goals and objectives, you must reward yourself. Recognize your efforts and accomplishments and celebrate with your family and friends.

You can be an inspiration and role model for others who have lost their confidence. Buy yourself a work-leave, travel trip, spa, and gift.

7. Don’t compare yourself with others

Don’t ever compare yourself with anyone. We tend to look at other people’s lifestyle and feel jealous. We feel frustrated and don’t feel good about ourselves. Don’t be like that!

We need to be proud of ourselves. If your body is short and small, it’s okay. If you are a landscaper, stand tall and say it loud. Don’t compare your earnings with any other landscaper's income. Value yourself, appreciate yourself and try to move further with your efforts.

8. Compliment others

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When others receive compliments, they feel appreciated and happy. When you give compliments, you feel kind hearted. It boosts your and recipient’s energy. It creates beautiful effects and feelings. So, you must start complimenting yourself and others.

9. Surround yourself with happy people

Increase your friendship with positive people who inspire you. Get rid of everything negative that you feel negative of. Always look out for inspiring quotes and people who are positive. Their positive vibes motivate you to reach your goals.

10. Exercise and exercise

Make your body strong, and metabolism is going to make yourself active. Focus on being healthy and positive. Physical activity increases your energy levels.

11. Tell yourself that you are enough for yourself

Saying this repeatedly throughout the day instill a sense of love and acceptance in your mind. Don’t run away from your mistakes and bad past. Handle them with compassion.

Nobody is here on Earth who has not made any mistakes. Every person is beautiful in their way. Praise yourself.

12. Value this moment

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I know that you must have lost many things in your life. Accept that with the calm heart and motivate yourself to move forward.

Believe your potential that you will overcome all your problems. Respect your inner belongings. Just live in the present moment.

13. Forgive your past

Good people make mistakes. It does not mean that you are bad. You must focus on the present moment. Don’t carry forward your resentment, regret, anger, and bitterness. It is only going to deteriorate your happiness.

14. Tell yourself that it is ok. There is no need to please everyone.

Not everyone will understand you. It is ok. Be friends with the people who understand you! Always carry your self -respect and be self-sufficient. But take care not to be over confident and self-obsessed.

15. Give yourself a pat on your back

Pat on your back and favor yourself. Recognize your little achievements. Tell yourself that you have done a good job. Always increase your strength and keep working on your weakness.

16. Reading is the best habit

Woman Reading.jpg 

Reading is the best way to uplift your bad mood. Read anything that sparks you. A bit of literary therapy can help you learn something new, reduce stress and lift your mood, and, based on what you read, help you feel sexier. Did you know, people who read are more likely to get ahead in their careers and life in general. What's not to love about that!

Find ways that keep you light. Go out with your friends. Watch your favorite TV series, cook food for yourself and decorate your personal space. I am sure that if your practice all these things you will start loving yourself more.

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