Alone On Valentine's Day? Here Are 5 Things You Can Do

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By Cathy Meyer, Founding Editor - February 11, 2016 - Updated February 13, 2017

Newly divorced, in-between relationships whatever the reason, it seems you’ve found yourself alone on Valentine’s Day. Some ignore the day, aren’t bothered by the commercialized meaning, some become depressed over being alone on a day set aside for “romance.”

"Love is not about a particular day, or about cards, flowers, or even being in a relationship,” said Dr. Laura S. Brown, professor of psychology at Argosy University/Seattle “The illusion that coupled people are happy and well-loved can feed feelings of loneliness or isolation for people who aren’t with someone, and wish they were. Seeing the illusory nature of this holiday can be the first step in feeling better about being precisely who and where you are."

Here is the reality of Valentine’s Day, it’s still something to celebrate whether you are coupled or not. For goodness sake, there is chocolate EVERYWHERE, what’s not to celebrate about that? The idea that you have to be part of a partnership to enjoy the day is an illusion and I implore you, don’t buy into that illusion.

Do SOMETHING to mark the day!

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