7 Spot-On Movie Quotes that Remind Me Of My Divorce
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By Live By Surprise, Featured DM Blogger - July 30, 2014

People get divorced for so many different reasons.  Infidelity.  Lack of commitment.  Too much arguing.  Unrealistic expectations.  Money problems.  Lack of equality.  Abuse.  Losing your identity.

I know in my case, a number of those reasons apply.  

And as many reasons as there are for divorce, there are hundreds and hundreds of movies that dissect every element of the divorce process.  Movies about relationships crumbling.  Movies about adulterous affairs.  Movies about financial troubles.  Movies about divorce battles.  Movies about custody battles.  

And in all the movies - there's always one thing in common.  After the movie, life goes on.

These are the movies that remind me of my own reasons for divorce.

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