7 Technologies For Stress Relief During a Divorce
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By Maricel Tabalba, Guest Author - April 17, 2017

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Divorce creates a great deal of stress, especially for mothers. If you are a mom going through a divorce, the newest smart technologies can help reduce your stress by furnishing comfort, security, and convenience for you and your family. From smart hubs to home security, here is a roundup of the latest devices to minimize stress for any mom going through a divorce.

7 Technologies That Bring You Relief and Comfort During and After Divorce

1. Smart Hubs

Smart hubs provide centralized ways to easily and quickly control your home media and environment in a single convenient device. These hubs activate when you say a special “wake word,” and you can then speak to the hub to manage household electronics, like setting your morning alarm, turning on the TV, conducting online searches, and creating shopping lists and voice memos.

The Amazon Echo is one of the most popular smart hubs out there. The Echo handles all of the media and organizational tasks we mentioned and employs newer smart technology to help you take care of daily tasks, like calling rideshare services, ordering food for delivery, and even making online Amazon orders. This device can also interface with other smart home sensors and devices. This way, the Amazon Echo lets you use voice commands to turn on your home's lights, adjust the temperature, and change the humidity without lifting a finger.

2. Smart Lights

Smart lights can also be purchased on their own for your home. These lights can turn on via sensors, voice commands, and even smartphones and smartwatches. This way, you and your children will never have to fumble to find light switches in the dark, and you can cut down your power bills by setting the lights to shut off when someone leaves the room. You can even turn off all the lights in your home at bedtime with a simple vocal or smartphone command. You can program outdoor lights to turn on when visitors arrive, saving on energy without sacrificing safety.

3. Smart Cameras

Smart security cameras let you keep tabs on your home through the cloud. You can use a smartphone or laptop to make sure your kids get home safely, or to make sure no one suspicious is lurking around your house when you’re not home. You and your family can also keep safe by using outdoor cameras and doorbell cameras to detect who is at the door, without revealing whether anybody is at home.

4. Smart Locks

Smart locks can deliver peace of mind for divorced moms. You can operate these locks from your phone so that you and your children never have to worry about losing a key or accidental lockouts ever again. You can also make sure that your children lock the doors behind them when they get home from school and secure your home at night on your phone's touchscreen, without having to double-check each door.

Smart Thermostats

Comfort can ease stress, and smart thermostats help you create the optimal comfortable environment. Smart thermostats can let you program heating and cooling options, even from a smartphone or other wireless device. This way, you can avoid expensive energy bills by turning off the heater or air conditioner when nobody is home while coming home to a house that is just the right temperature. Sensors in individual rooms can allow for precise environmental control, which can be helpful for infants and small children. Advanced sensors can even detect windows, refrigerators, and outside doors left ajar.

5. Home Security Systems

The right home security system should keep you safe while taking away the stress from situations like working while your children are home alone. Smart home security systems can incorporate the camera and lighting elements we discussed above, and include additional features. Smart motion sensors can distinguish between a family pet and an uninvited guest in the yard, for example.

Other sensors can send you text messages or emails to let you know if a child has left the garage door open, or accidentally gotten into a medicine cabinet. You can use wireless devices, including your phone, to program alarms that only turn on at night, or when no one is home during the day, without needing to take the time to manually set the alarm when you leave and come home.

6. Wearables

Smart wearable technology can simplify your life. Smart watches can let you control many of the home features mentioned previously, without even needing to pull out your phone. They can make to-do lists, receive notifications from your kids or from smart home systems, and provide alarms and reminders during busy days. Smart jewelry and clothing provide biofeedback notifications, so you can de-stress if your heart rate or breathing suddenly jumps.

Life during a divorce doesn’t have to be as stressful as it can get. Take advantage of some of the gadgets and tools available to you to make daily life efficient and easy. Repetitive tasks can be automated so you don’t have to remember to do them at the same time every day and you can keep your children secure with just a touch of a button. Although you can expect some stress during these trying times, you can lessen the burden with the previously mentioned tech.

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