How To Bring Balance Back To Your Life In 2017
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By Claire, Guest Author - January 06, 2017

How many New Year’s resolutions have you made so far? How many times have you promised you’ll make significant changes and start living your life to the fullest? Perhaps this year’s resolutions will be the same: pretty vague and undefined. Would you like to have more balance and peace in your life? If the answer to that question is yes, then you should make firm decisions and take action. Make resolutions which are specific and don’t wait too long to start living by them.

Start moving


You’d be surprised how much a bit of physical activity can do for your overall health. Not only will you improve your health and add several years to your life, but you will also notice how much your mood has changed for the better, too. Workouts are a great way to get back in shape and lose some weight which can pile up when the times are rough. You don’t have to work too hard and go to the gym six days a week in order to get results; just by getting more active throughout the day (using the stairs instead of the elevator, and walking a couple of blocks), you can make a difference.

Express your creativity


Everybody has a talent: some can sing, some like to dance, there are those who can draw and those who are undiscovered writers. What is your talent? You might think that you don’t have any talents, but that is not true; everyone is good at something. You can express your creativity in many ways: you can try experimenting in the kitchen with exotic spices and new recipes, you can try writing a diary or even a blog, or you can try playing an instrument. Expressing yourself is incredibly important, and by doing that, you will discover more things about yourself and gain more self-confidence.

Spice up your living space


Do you feel comfortable in your own home or is that space full of bad memories? If you don’t feel good there, why don’t you change something? Throw out your old bed, get a new one made of pallets, and get new bed sheets while you’re at it and completely overhaul your bedroom. If you feel like you can’t breathe, let the sunshine in and make sure you’re breathing in only good air by getting air purifiers. Buy a new painting and hang it on the wall, get a new plant, change the lamp shade and paint them yourself, leave a nice motivational quote by your bed every evening… By changing things in your living space, you will change your inner space, too.

Focus on important things


Do you know what the most important thing in the world is? Your inner peace and happiness. When was the last time you did something for yourself? In 2017, do your best to find the time and focus on what’s really important: spending time with your family, relatives, and friends. At least once a week, make an appointment with a friend and go grab a cup of coffee together or see each other on a lunch break. Take your sibling out for dinner and a movie, or go to the theater. Spending time alone is also important, and you shouldn’t run blindly from one distraction to another. Allow yourself the privilege to stay home, get a nice long bubble bath, just relax with a glass of wine, and be alone from time to time.

Your well-being should be the most important thing to you, because if you feel good, those close to you will feel good, too. If you take good care of yourself, you will be able to take better care of your children, friends, and family members. Find your inner peace and take good care of your heart and body; you only have one of each and they should stay healthy and strong for a very long time.

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