Reinvention: A Course in Self-Discovery
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By Samantha Gregory, Contributor - July 01, 2013 - Updated October 04, 2013


I am the queen of reinvention it seems. I reinvent my life every 5 years or so. Why? Because it’s necessary for growth and moving to the next level in life.

For many, starting their lives over is the scariest thing in the world. Why do it? How can a person just stop in mid stream and change course? For me it’s the only way to feed my need for variety, self-development, and as I said before, movement to the next level.

This reinvention happens after a major crisis takes place in my life. Usually after I’ve made a mess of things and correct course. For some people (me included) it’s hard to learn from other people’s experience. We are experimental people.

We must get down in the mud and play. It may be dangerous, exciting, risky, or any other number of descriptive words. The point is living life on the sidelines taking notes doesn’t make sense when you can get in the game.

In the course of living problems come up. Stuff happens. The key is to learn from it and move on, either going in the same direction or changing course. In my life, I change course.

I move, change jobs, cut or color my hair, or adjust my attitude and thinking. All the while I am thinking about what happened, learning the lesson, and resolving to do things different the next time. 

The area of life I have the most challenge is my relationships. It has taken much longer to learn the lessons in this area of life than the others.

I don’t know why, but matters of the heart, no matter what kind of woman you are, affects deeply. Fortunately I’m learning my truth and what works for me. It’s been a course in self-discovery, which has been quite painful; but that is what life’s all about.

The thing about self-discovery and the power of reinvention is, when I’m an old lady, I’ll have many stories to tell my grandchildren. I’ll have wisdom to pass on and will be able to wipe away their tears, assuring them they will be fine; because I’ve been there.

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