Review Of The Mighty And Bright Co-Parenting Calendar
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By Piper, Guest Author - September 12, 2017

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Adjusting to unmarried life was not even a little fun at first, and needless to say, life after the divorce was rough on all of the kids. That’s why it’s so awesome when you find something that helps ease the process. And, as every parent knows, anything that helps the kids helps us.

I’m here today to talk about the Mighty + Bright Co-Parenting Calendar. It really did change things for us. From the time my first was born, a routine was a huge part of our lives. My days of living erratically and not taking care of myself were over, and I knew I had to do the same for my baby. Everyone in the family just functioned better when we stuck to the same regiment, and veering too far off of its course always resulted in cranky kids, which made for grumpy parents.

Maintaining our routine after we separated houses was incredibly difficult, especially since some days were just spent trying to get by. But once the worst of it was over, I knew I had to do something to keep the kids stable. Without their routine, they just weren’t comfortable, but it’s difficult for two households to stick to the same schedule.

The first thing I did was pick up a cheap little pre-paid phone for my 13-year-old daughter, so she could use it to keep in touch with us, but also so she could access an online calendar so she always knew where she was supposed to go and when. She knew how to use my phone, mostly for texts and surfing the web, and I found it comical that I had to explain to her what voice mail was and show her how to set up her voicemail account. She wasn’t aware that I could leave her a message with my actual voice, which is why she was so confused when I was angry with her for not having a greeting set up, which I didn’t even realize was a problem until the first time she didn’t answer.

Anyways, the older kid was taken care of, but I had trouble trying to make the younger two feel safe and stable in a routine. They’re 5 and 7, which is way too young for a phone, or a day planner. And simply telling them, “you’re going to dad’s this weekend,” didn’t do enough to set our schedule in stone in their little minds.

We decided to try out the Mighty + Bright Co-Parenting Calendar, and the verdict is: we love it! It not only gave the boys a sense of comfort and safety in being able to visualize their weeks and know what to expect from day-to-day: it also gave them a sense of control over their lives, which was probably something they really needed after undergoing such a tumultuous shift in their lifestyle. Both my ex and I noted an improvement in their behavior, and we do attribute it somewhat to the stability the co-parenting calendar brings them.

We got two of the bi-weekly calendars, one for each home, and the boys share it. We take the time and effort to keep them the same in both houses, and the boys get a kick out of using their sister’s phone to send pictures of the calendar at dad’s to me, and the calendar at my home to their dad.

We also got the holiday's magnet set, the outings magnet set, and the activities magnet set. We opted not to get the appointments set, mostly because it works best if we spring those types of things last-minute on our youngest. He hates the doctor, and the dentist, and getting his hair cut. He does, however, love his counselor, which is a very good thing in times like these. It’s the oldest that isn’t too keen on talking about her feelings…

Besides the fact that the calendars really helped our boys cope with the changes that came with our divorce, they are made extremely well. The magnetic calendar is easy to shift around the fridge, and I love that it’s also dry-erase so I can leave them little notes when I need to. The little magnets themselves are strong and durable… I may have vacuumed one or two of them up on accident, and they survived unscathed. To top it all off, the boys love using them, and they always have fun planning out their days and weeks.

The only complaint I could possibly have is that I would love to see them offer singular grandparent magnets (a grandpa one and a grandma one.) Other than that, I have nothing but great things to say. I have recommended the calendar to several of the ladies at church, and I’ve also helped the coworker who originally told me about it spread the word around the facility. I can’t say enough awesome things about the Mighty + Bright Co-Parenting Calendar! If your little ones are struggling with the shakeup to their routines, please give this a try. I promise you will see positive results!

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