Wondering What To Do With Your Engagement Ring? Here Are 7 Things That Will Make You Feel Better
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By Laura Lifshitz, Guest Author - March 25, 2015


Whether your old engagement ring is a four carat wonder or a no-carat blunder, you need to pull that sucker out of your nightstand drawer and put it to work. And by put it to work, we mean get creative with that once “symbol of love” that’s now just a symbol of the past. Before you go pulling out the tissues and getting weepy, pull it together and realize that you’ve got a sparkly purty diamond in your possession with a whole host of uses beyond your ring finger’s wild imagination.

1. Use It To Ward Off The Creeps. How many times have you gone out only to find some crazy guy right by your side like a desperate puppy? And have you ever noticed how these creepos don’t get the hint? You could sit there and tell them: I think you’re a weirdo, and he’ll still be by your side like a serial killer planning your future nuptials. That my friend is when you whip out the engagement ring from your purse and slide it on. Then you turn, flash your hand and talk about your 6-foot 7 inches tall “fiancé” and say how he just got out of prison for murder. Watch that squirmy ant crawl away. Mission Accomplished.

2. Make It The Bullseye In A Dartboard Of Your Ex's Face. Haven’t you always wanted to shoot darts like a pro? Okay, probably not, but why not let your aggression out in a playful way that won’t get you hurt and will utilize that sparkly-bling your ex-loser gave you? Make a dartboard with his photo, (make sure it’s a real ugly one ladies!) and place that ring he gave you right in the center near his schnozz. And then, let the darts whip ladies. Bonus points for you if you invite your friends and family in on the action!

3. Attach It To The End Of Your Toilet Scrubber. Did your ex-husband give you shit? Was that why you said, “Buh-bye” to his butt? Or perhaps he was always leaving the toilet seat up with a ring of yellow for you to clean? Spring clean your toilet the flashy way: attach your engagement ring to the end of your toilet scrubber to get “the Crapper” rid of the crap—literally.

4. Make A Voodoo Doll With The Ring In Its Heart. Is that a doll from your childhood? Nope, it’s a voodoo doll (potentially in the form of your ex- mother-in law’s liking) and right in the center of it’s stuffed toy body is a special and tender diamond heart. The engagement ring your ex gave you. Ah … nothing like a little witchcraft to make you feel “all better” about the divorce! It’s funny though … didn’t your ex-husband say he felt some chest pains yesterday?

5. Lend It To A Friend. What? Give that broken symbol of love to someone you like? If you’re leaving your ring in your drawer for all of eternity along with your old receipts, bad photos of yourself, and credit cards you’ve forgotten to cut up, why don’t you instead give it to someone who will appreciate the sparkle. But this is not entirely altruistic - give it to the friend that your ex hated the most. We all have those friends, fiercely loyal to us but can see right through our ex’s bullshit. Yup, let her parade around in your diamond, even if for just a bit. And make sure your ex sees her with it…don’t you feel better already?

6. Mail It To His New Girlfriend. Mail your old engagement ring to the new girlfriend - that way she can decide if your ex is worth dating…and what to ask him for when she wants finally to take him off your hands and make him a husband again. Think of it as good karma too. You’re giving her a great peace offering and if you have kids with your ex, now she has to be nice to them—and you. And besides, if the ring is a dud and your ex is a dud, you can be happy knowing you saved this poor woman some heartache and a lifetime of cheap jewelry. 

7. Use It To Raffle Off - Your Ex. Gather all your single girlfriends at your home. Explain that you invited them here for a scavenger hunt. Tell them the “Grand Prize” is a diamond ring. Give them clues to find this ring at your home like, “Whenever someone would make me mad, I wanted to use this kitchen object to beat him”— what is a wooden kitchen spoon. Or, “Whenever someone wouldn’t sexually satisfy me again, I would have to use this to finish the deal,”—what is a vibrator in a nightstand drawer. Then when a lucky gal finds the ring, announce the official secret “Grand Prize”: a date with your ex! Hey, friends who share stay friends for life…right?

Okay, let’s be real. There’s only one solid thing to do with your old engagement ring, and that is sell that sucker.

Sentiment aside, you don’t want to pass on your engagement ring from your divorce to a family member…and after divorce, what woman couldn’t use extra money? Hiding the ring in your drawer won’t bring back your marriage again, so instead of clinging to old memories, sell that rock and do something utterly fabulous for yourself! You deserve it. Like your father said, “The first marriage is for love and the second is for…better diamonds.”

DivorcedMoms has partnered with WP Diamonds to bring you the most trusted way to sell your diamonds after divorce. Their secure and expert process ensures that you will get the best possible price for your diamonds and jewelry in as little time as possible. 

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