The Dollhouse or "Isn

Simply a part of life, memories flash though my mind whenever I daydream. Random events spark memories that leave me with sadness or happiness.

Wading Through The Awkward - Where does "Family" Begin and End?

It has been a very emotional time for me and my family, but that has not stopped the crazy that seems to be a part of my life.

The Loss of My Unlikely Hero

My mother passed away yesterday, twenty days shy of her 90th birthday. We didn't always have the best relationship, but we did love each other. She wasn't always easy to love, and I guess in my continued efforts at complete honesty, neither am I. Two divorces certainly seem to prove that.

In The Waiting Room

Time to help mom get better and temporarily put myself aside, yet once again.

Loose Ends

My mom has decided that she is going to die soon. She spends a lot of her time reviewing life and trying to tie up various issues with pretty red bows.

My Mom Spoke Of Dying

No one lives forever. At one point, I will have to face that event. 

A Visit To The Eye Doctor

My mother’s breakdown came in the form of her screaming at me in the doctor’s office, as she was having eye-surgery.