The Ex
A Letter To My Ex On What Would Be 20th Anniversary

Instead of an ex-bashing article, a letter to my ex thanking him for the current happiness and freedom I experience in my post-divorce life.  

Why I Ignored Red Flags And Married Him Anyway

Sometimes you feel like love can conquer and that once you're married things will change. It doesn't change so, don't ignore those red flags. 


Drugs And Self-Destruction: Sometimes Divorce Is Unavoidable

When a spouse spirals into self-destruction, a mother must do what is best for her family, And not just for her children, but for herself as well.

How Your Good Guy May Have Become a Chronically Unhappy Husband

Steve Horsmon explains the common hidden agenda afflicting many good guys who wind up as unhappy husbands. Did your good guy become an unhappy husband?

6 Things I

I knew what love was when I entered my marriage, unfortunately, my Ex did not. There are 6 things that he should have learned about love and didn't. 

Shush It! 9 Productive Ways To Respond To Your Ex

Here are nine suggestions for productive ways to respond to your ex's anger. I've used them on my ex and, they work every time!

5 Things He Could

Our marriage is now over; but, had he done these five things differently, we might still be together. What did you need that you weren't getting?

5 Reasons Pornography Destroyed My Marriage

Take it from someone who knows, pornography can destroy a marriage. I know because it destroyed mine. 

Addiction & Divorce: 5 Tips For Navigating The Rough Waters Ahead

When addiction is the reason for your divorce, the road ahead can be rocky. Here are five tips to use to help smooth out the divorce process. 

5 Things I

Being in the midst of an abusive marriage is a thankless place. Once you leave and rebuild your life you will look back and know there were things to be thankful for. 

How Could 1 Man Go 10 Kinds Of Crazy?

I have selective amnesia when it comes to my ex, the feelings I had for him have retreated to that part of the brain where memories of pain go to hide.

10 Tips To Keep You From Killing Your Ex During & After Divorce

Only two things can end a marriage: death and divorce. Some days you aren't sure which one is worse! Here are 10 tips to keep you from killing your ex.

I Married A Man-Child: 7 Over The Top Behaviors I Put Up With!

How old were you and your husband when you got married? I was twenty-six and my ex was twenty-five, going on thirteen. And he never grew up.

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