7 Reasons Divorce Could Be The Most Affordable Option For You
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By Michael, Guest Author - July 17, 2017

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A toxic marriage is a toxic marriage. No matter how you try to push it to the back of your head, it will always rear its ugly face in the front and slap you with the truth; so why are some people staying in toxic marriages?

Domestic violence, emotional abuse, and truly growing apart from each other are reasons why some marriages do not work anymore. With all these, there are still people who are too afraid to pull the plug on their marriage and try to avoid divorce. But think about this: When things are truly not working out, getting a divorce could be the most affordable choice for you! Don’t believe that?

Here are 7 reasons divorce may be the most financially viable resolution to your marital problems. 

Your Health Has Started to Deteriorate

Being in a toxic situation can really wear you. Prolonged exposure to stressors is linked to the development of some chronic diseases and frankly, you cannot afford to stay in a toxic marriage that has an adverse effect on your health. Your well-being is far more precious than the thousands you may have to spend in a divorce. Just think how much you’ll save in psychologist, doctor, lawyer and in some cases even private investigator fees if you choose to get out of a bad marriage as soon as possible!

The Longer You Stay in the Marriage, the Costlier the Divorce Could Be for You

If you’re married, chances are that all the properties you acquire are considered as conjugal ones. This means that the longer you stay in the marriage, the more properties you will have to share with your spouse in the event of a divorce. More so, if you’ll be the one who’ll be paying the alimony, you should note that some areas have laws wherein you are required to pay more based on the total number of years you spent married.

You Haven’t Bought a Marital Home Yet

This is great news! No marital home mean settlement during the divorce will go a lot smoother and there will be fewer things to fight about. Divorce is a money trap. The longer the proceedings go and the more you argue, the more fees you’ll have to pay and the less important things you actually end up with, even if you win all fights.

You Feel Emotionally Trapped

If you’re very unhappy, then staying in a bad marriage is costing you your happiness! Whether you are depressed or feel that you are being emotionally repressed, you deserve a life that is better than that. If your marriage is causing you to feel emotionally trapped, it is on you to free yourself.

You and Your Spouse have Zero Chance of Reconciliation

It is normal to wish that a toxic marriage could still be worked out, however, if you’ve gone through counseling, given each other chances to start over, or just did everything but things are not working, then letting go now is your best chance at a great marriage someday.

Both Parties Want a Divorce

If you and your spouse are ready to call the divorce lawyer, then why stay? The best time to divorce is when both sides are ready to let go because there is a better chance of talking things through and having a smooth, drama-free divorce.

It is Time to Move On

Moving on is the hardest thing after divorce. If you feel that the right time is now, go for it! Talk to your soon-to-be ex and help him see things from a positive light. Things will be painful even if both parties wanted the divorce so make it as quick as possible. This way, you’ll both be able work on moving on faster too.

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