Mother’s Day…Eh
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May 11, 2015

Mother’s Day is commonly a day of happy reflection for mothers. It is a day to reminisce about the birth of our children and the happiness and love we feel for them. Some mothers get flowers and gifts, things that really are not needed to feel loved, but nice to receive. My incredible gift this year came from my daughter, who spend two days helping me clean the house and exhausted herself to the point of falling asleep at 8:30 both nights. She is an amazing kid. I have been working overtime for a few weeks and the house looked like it tried to live through an earthquake and lost. I am so thankful for her.

Grant doesn’t try to have positive feelings about being at my home and wanted instead to spend most of my weekend with his friend down the street. The friend’s mom is a good friend of mine and finally kicked Grant out of her house at 9 am this morning so we could spend Mother’s Day together (until they went back to dad at 6pm).

As soon as Grant stepped in the door this morning he had a bad attitude, which remained the rest of the day, even through the 6 hours my grandparents were here to celebrate with us. My grandparents are 84 and 89, so any time I spend with them is precious to me. Kristy loves my grandma, because honestly, my grandma is super cool.

Grant just kept to himself most of the day, playing games on his iPad. The only time he engaged with my grandparents was when they asked him questions during the bulls/cavs game. Any other time they spoke with him during the day, he gave only one word answers and even snapped at me at one point. Oh well, whatever. We will have a discussion about attitudes the next time he wants to spend time with his friend.

A majority of my time with my grandparents was spent discussing moving into independent living. They seemed receptive to an idea I had and it unintentionally snowballed into the “discussion.” My grandpa was open to the idea, much more than my grandma ever thought he would be. Then my grandma put the brakes on because they have so much to clean out in their home. We brainstormed a little bit there, so hopefully in a few months we will be touring some facilities.

It makes me sad they are getting to “that” age, but also relieved because they have needed to do this for a few years now, and caring for them like they need has become a huge worry for my mom and me. We are the only ones who truly see their situation for what it is, and worry constantly.

So, in a nut shell, there is my Mother’s Day. I hope everyone had a great day, For me, it was just EH and now it is over. I am exhausted and looking down the barrel of another long work week. I pray your Monday acts like a Friday and your water stays free of crocodiles. (I have no idea what that last one means but it is some kind of proverb.)

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