About Déjà Vow

Here it is.  Everything you wanted to know about me but was afraid to ask!

I am every woman.  I’m normal, intelligent, have children, work for a living, putz in my garden, and like to cook.  I also am a perfectionist, judgmental, critical, and fail at relationships. I love being married, I am supportive of my husband (whoever it may be at the time!), I am willing to learn new things, read all kinds of books, and enjoy traveling to places big and small.

My ultimate vacation would be a cruise around the world.  My quest is to find the perfect french toast in a little diner somewhere.

And even though I love to travel, home is incredibly important to me.  Friends say my place is cozy, comfortable, and relaxing. Living by the water is a lovely thing.

I’ve decided to share my marital antics so that you can learn from my mistakes.  I’ve made plenty of them!

My Current Interests

What I’m reading today: The Art of War by Sun Tzu

Highly recommended:  I Love You But I Don't Trust You by Mira Kirshenbaum

The best relationship advice: Marriage Fitness by Mort Fertel

I really enjoyed this film:  The Pianist

My Random Happy Thoughts

Things that make me laugh are:  New episodes of New Girl and The League on Netflix

I’m currently learning to: ballroom dance and speak a second language

My marital status:  Separated by 800 miles and divorce is planned for this year

What I’m working on: diversifying my identity

Something I’m proud of:  losing 50lbs and keeping it off for 2 years!