The Unholy Three
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June 27, 2016

I raise my wrench victorious!

Like the knights of old, I have met my dragons and slain them!

It all started with the well...

A couple of days ago I went into the kitchen for a glass of water.  Imagine my surprise when the turning on of the tap resulted in nothing.  Not even a drip.  The house electric was still on, so what was the deal?

Using my internet resources, I found a troubleshooting site for the well.  I knew there was a low pressure shutoff valve that only worked to fill the tank when I moved it into the manual position.  Yeah, that doesn't make much sense now but watch this video to see what I'm talking about.

Using the method of manually filling the well pump, I got the PSI back up to where it would hold and switched over to the AUTO setting again.

All was good until I tried to shower.  Low pressure with the hot water.  Cold water had plenty of pressure, so it had to be the hot water system. Something was up and I had an idea that the well monkey business probably dislodged pieces of the rust and lime flakes that coat my system due to the hard water deposits in this area.

Back to the internet! Where everything is true and people never exaggerate!

Lessons learned:  I'm not flushing my tank nearly as often as I should.  And out of the items necessary for the tank flush, it's the vinegar that had me running to the store.  How sad is that?!?

Now to the washing machine...

It seemed as if the hot water was working as expected but the cold water slowed to a trickle when in use. Since my wrench was out and the toolbelt was on, I decided to check the hoses.

Alas, not the hoses but sediment in the solenoid.  

This all sounds confusing but each of these videos was put together very nicely and probably saved me $500 in plumbing service calls.

I am the champion of my basement!

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