Free Gift With Divorce: A Court-Ordered "Instruction Manual"

Beleive it or not, you already own a set of instructions to handle 90% of the questions and conflicts you will face after divorce! Do you use yours?

14 Reasons Why It

If you're ready to take the next step and begin dating again after divorce, consider all that a divorced man may have to offer you!

Is This Normal? How To Know If Divorce Is Your Answer

How do we know if the unhappiness we experience in marriage is normal or a sign of real trouble? What is "normal" anyhow?

Stepmoms And Discipline: What Is And Is Not Allowed?

Stepmoms may share an extensive amount of time with their spouse's children and will eventually be faced with disciplanary issues.  What's okay?

5 Ways I Found Hope And Thrived After I Divorced

Little by little, glimmers of light worked their way through the cracks in my life, and I started to believe it would be okay again.

Allergic To Divorce? Here

Like medicine, divorce can have unpleasant side effects. Know the signs and symptoms of an abnormal reaction, and seek help!

I Ordered Sea Monkeys. I Got An Ex Who Makes My Life Hell!

As the brand new owner of dehydrated disappointment, it’s on me to establish the rules of my aquarium and kick out the drama.

Some Doors Should Remain Closed: A Lesson Learned About My Ex

Years had passed. I saw no harm in reaching out to say hello and to wish him well. Sometimes the past should be left in the past!

The Generosity Project: Why I Now Buy Presents For My Ex

Before you run to the medicine cabinet to retrieve a thermometer to take my temperature, let me explain my new rationale for gift giving!

Mom & Stepmom, Wife & Ex-Wife: It

The war between mom & stepmom, wife & ex-wife is out of control! It's time to get ourselves under control because we're better than this!


Post Traumatic Relationship Syndrome And The Ghosts Of The Past

Even if a former marriage wasn’t abusive, many of us are scarred by events from former relationships that find a way to cast shadows over the present.

The Ripple Effect Of Your Divorce On Everyone Around You

Divorce hits your life like a stone hitting a pool of water. Suddenly in-laws become outlaws, and relationships between everyone changes!

Co-parenting Through Summer: More Sunshine, Less Divorce Shade

Summer is the epitome of fun for kids; sometimes, not too much for parents navigating seasonal co-parenting issues! Enjoy more sunny days this summer!

Weight And See, Divorce May Impact The Numbers On Your Scale!

Experts agree that divorce is an extremely stressful event. One side effect that you may see during your divorce is either weight gain or loss!