The Ripple Effect Of Your Divorce On Everyone Around You

Divorce hits your life like a stone hitting a pool of water. Suddenly in-laws become outlaws, and relationships between everyone changes!

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Weight And See, Divorce May Impact The Numbers On Your Scale!

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How Do I Get A Divorce If I Can

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Say What? Top 10 Greatest Hits of Ex Insults And Bizarre Comments

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Why Does It Piss Me Off To See My Ex Doing Well?

I don't want him back, but it bothers me to see what he has become knowing that he couldn't be bothered to give his best to our marriage!

To The Sisterhood Of Sadness On Mother

Mother's Day is not joyful for everyone. To many, it's a symbol of loss and sadness. Joy to all of the loving mothers, and peace to those in pain!

5 Reasons Not To Jump From The Divorce Frying Pan Into The Fire

When a marriage is bad, it can be BAD! No wonder many rush too quickly from one messy situation to another. Look before you leap after divorce!

Some People Flip Houses, Apparently I Flip Husbands!

My time as his wife paid off as he is now a "new and improved" version of his old self! I won't benefit from his upgrades, but at least our kids will!

Good Fences Make Good Exes: 4 Ways Boundaries Are Key In Divorce

Boundaries will preserve your sanity and make it possible to define what is yours, theirs, and beyond what you will accept. 

Six Ways To Be A Bad Support To A Divorcing Friend

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4 Reasons "Playing Nice" During Divorce May Spell Disaster

Don’t become jaded because of divorce, but also don’t be so naïve and trusting that you allow your ex to set your world on fire!