This Is What Child Support IS...And Is NOT

The child support system has many flaws to work out; but in the meantime, let's all be clear about what child support is and is NOT!


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Music is a powerful way to express and process emotions for healing, and during a divorce just about nothing beats a good break-up song!

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"Staying together for the kids" is a common reason parents give for not divorcing. Here are three reasons why that may not be the best decision.

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If any project was worthy of investing in, taking my time on, and getting right, it was re-building and upcycling my life after divorce!


You've tried your hardest and it's obviously not going to work. What do you do now to prepare to move out of your marital home?

Gag! Look Over There! It

Have you met "Super Parent"? They say and do all the right things to try to make us think they're amazing, but we can see through that disguise!

The Absent Parent: A Parent-Shaped Hole In A Child

No child should have to feel unloved, broken, or like a burden. Divorce causes enough chaos, but don’t let it permanently damage your child!

Valuable Advice That Lawyers Want You To Know About Your Divorce

Divorce lawyers have seen it all! So, who better to offer great advice about divorce than nine top notch attorneys?

Divorced Woman: There

Divorce is terrible, but at the same time it will shape, polish, and transform you into something amazing! Find that light and let it shine!