The Divorce Discipline Dilemma:When Two Homes Equals Bad Behavior

What do you do when your child's other parent has no expectations for good behavior in their home and it's turning your child into a problem?


I did not leave my ex-husband for another man. I left him for and because of the man he was, and I left him for myself!

Is Divorce In My Genes Or Am I Just Another Statistic?

If truth is in the numbers, I never stood a chance at a successful marriage! Did I inherit divorce or just bad habits that would increase my chances?

You Can Divorce A Man, But You

You may wish to wave a wand and make an ex disappear, but you can never completely erase the man who is your child’s other parent, nor should you.

Top Ten Ways To Know His Goods Are Too Damaged To Date

A divorced woman ready to face the dating scene doesn't have time to fool around with these ten traits in potential partners!

Is A "Fun Time Parent" Taking All The Fun Out Of Your Parenting?

We've all heard of "Disneyland parents" who are all about fun. Why do we get so mad at "fun time" parents, and what's up with this parenting style?

Friendly Fatherly Advice For Divorcing Dads From A Divorced Mom

Some dads need a bit of friendly advice to help them get started in the solo parenting game. Take no offense, just consider these heartfelt tips!

The Gift Of A Second Chance After Divorce

What will you do when handed a second chance? Will you see it as a gift? Are you ready to receive it or will the prospect terrify you?

Divorce Do Over: If I Could Go Back In Time What Would I Change?

I've had time to get used to divorce and to reflect on what I might (or might not) do differently if I had the ability to change the past.

Lessons From The Ones We

2016 may be a "jerk" because of all who we've lost this year, but as a divorced mom, I can learn plenty from many of these amazing people's lives!

The Name Game: The Decision to Change Your Name After Divorce

What does your last name say about you? Is it his name or still your name? How will it impact your life to change it -or not- after divorce?

Stay In Your Lane To Keep Negative Thoughts & People Away!

Do you really think your ex, in-laws, or other people who cause you grief care what you think or will change because it makes you unhappy?

New Year

Make this New Year’s Eve your own kind of magical. Don’t worry about how you’ve always done it or what everyone else is doing!

Psst...Divorce is Not A Magic Cure Or The "Cool New Thing!"

Have realistic expectations about divorce without needlessly romanticizing or demonizing it. Expect pain. Expect change. Beyond that, it's up to you!