My Life After Divorce Was The Ultimate DIY Upcycle Project!

If any project was worthy of investing in, taking my time on, and getting right, it was re-building and upcycling my life after divorce!


You've tried your hardest and it's obviously not going to work. What do you do now to prepare to move out of your marital home?

Gag! Look Over There! It

Have you met "Super Parent"? They say and do all the right things to try to make us think they're amazing, but we can see through that disguise!

The Absent Parent: A Parent-Shaped Hole In A Child

No child should have to feel unloved, broken, or like a burden. Divorce causes enough chaos, but don’t let it permanently damage your child!

Valuable Advice That Lawyers Want You To Know About Your Divorce

Divorce lawyers have seen it all! So, who better to offer great advice about divorce than nine top notch attorneys?

Divorced Woman: There

Divorce is terrible, but at the same time it will shape, polish, and transform you into something amazing! Find that light and let it shine!

Dear Self, Will You Please Be My Valentine?

No more being disappointed by the lack of a partner or in a partner who is lacking in romantic creativity. No one can love me better than ME!

Are You Stuck In The Guilt And Shame Trap After Your Divorce?

What is it about divorce that leaves those of us who have done it feeling guilt and shame? How do we get out of this trap and move on with life?

Getting A Divorce? You Need A Bucket List!

Divorce is a huge transition between what was and now is, and time of contemplation. Set some goals because it's the perfect time for a bucket list!

After Divorce Is Your Life At Peace Or In Pieces?

The purpose of divorce if to tear apart what was once one, leaving many pieces to put back together. Will you find peace or be left in pieces?


Divorce is a huge decision, so if you ever wonder if you did the right thing, ask yourself these 13 questions.

The Divorce Discipline Dilemma:When Two Homes Equals Bad Behavior

What do you do when your child's other parent has no expectations for good behavior in their home and it's turning your child into a problem?


I did not leave my ex-husband for another man. I left him for and because of the man he was, and I left him for myself!

Is Divorce In My Genes Or Am I Just Another Statistic?

If truth is in the numbers, I never stood a chance at a successful marriage! Did I inherit divorce or just bad habits that would increase my chances?