I Don

Trust me, life after divorce doesn't consist of a nightly cry fest over ice cream while tending to a dozen pet cats! I'm divorced, not dead!

Divorce And Disasters: How We Teach Our Children To Face Fears

Children look to us for clues about new things. We can either send our kids into panic mode, or we can teach them to remain optimistic.

Congratulations To The Broken-Hearted And Divorcing!

Many don't know what to say when someone tells them they're getting divorced. Sometimes, "congratulations" is exactly the right thing to say!

The B.S. I Put Behind Me Because Of Divorce

Once I scraped the stench of divorce off of the bottom of the shoe of my life, I discovered all the amazing ways my life for the better

Kids Stuck In The Middle Of Co-parenting Dysfunction: Who Pays?

No one wants to be the parent continually stuck footing the bill for everything; but, someone must be the parent so the kids don't always pay!

Blazing New Trails To Discover Happiness

We can’t expect anyone else to cross mountains and fight through raging rivers for us if we won’t at least attempt to do as much for ourselves.

Seven Years Co-parenting & I Still Hate Good-byes To My Kids!

After seven years of pressing the pause button on my heart, every other week, I have learned to make something positive out of the void in my life.

Unspoken Conversations That Kill Marriages

When we hide our needs or choose to ignore incompatibilities, we are asking for relationship destruction if we don't have those difficult discussions.

Denial: The Anesthesia To Divorce Pain And First Stage Of Grief

Denial is the first stage of grief you will encounter in divorce. What purpose does denial serve, and what does it look like?

An Eclipse Of Parental Judgement Or Unfounded Co-parenting Fears?

Monday's eclipse has brought out that weird, paranoid side of me again; so, it's high time to renew my trust in my ex's abilitiy to parent!

I Tried Co-parenting With An App And Had My Mind Blown!

I've been co-parenting the hard way; but, it's the only way I knew how! Then, I tried co-parenting with an app, and here's what I found out...

Relationship Advice That Applies To Dating Co-parents AND Teens!

You read that right! A newly dating co-parent may need many of the same relationship reminders that a teenager does!

Driving Toward Destiny: Perpetual Forward Movement After Divorce

A final drive in the first vehicle I bought as a single mom delivered a flood of memories, appreciation for the progress I've made, and even tears...

Ex Watchers: When Co-Parenting Becomes A Spy Game

Moms and dads are hiding recording and tracking devices in toys and apparel, using phones to monitor activity, and recording phone conversations!