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Divorce Whirlwind
When the dust never settles...
Baby, It

Snowed in? Plowed under? In need of an easy hot meal to make it through the week... And maybe a warm companion to cozy up to?

When Is the Last Time You Had a Vacation?

Mothers need time for themselves. So how do you manage to take a vacation - or at least get a regular Girls Night Out?

We Can

History is essential to who we are and who we become. We shouldn't deny that bad times as well as good are part of what has formed us.

Dreaming My Worst (Remarriage) Nightmare

When a divorced woman wants the best of both worlds: the security of a committed relationship and the freedom of being single.

The Single Mom and the Empty Nest

Empty Nest occurs more than once. It happens in pieces, and to pieces of the heart. It can be especially challenging for the single mom.

The Last Traditional Family New Year

Remembering the last time my "intact" family spent New Year's together. Has it really been 15 years?

Alone at the Holidays: No No No or Ho Ho Ho?

Alone for the holidays? Bad times or good. YOU decide. Don't settle for "no no no" when "ho ho ho" is within your grasp.

Some Things Never Change (A Mother Is a Mother Is a Mother.)

Mothering duties become ingrained. For single mothers, do we internalize the good, the bad and the ugly? Is it worse when we're stressed?

Every Relationship Isn

Every relationship does not need to "lead" somewhere. Why experience can be good - in and of itself.


One of the biggest mistakes we make after we've been hurt: hiding from the world. Here's why you shouldn't do it.


First thoughts on Bravo's new series, Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce.

Give Up The Dreams Or Never Say Die

Do you give up the dreams you had before divorce decimated your savings and outlook on life? Or can you rise again and never say die?

Rosemary and Time or... How to Get Through the Holidays

Looking back, looking ahead, and orienting yourself in time.

Why I Hate the Girlfriend Label

"Girlfriend" may sound cute to some. But it diminishes the fullness and commitment we bring in a long-term partnership.


Resources, savings, information and
opportunities, developed just for you.

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