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Divorce Whirlwind
When the dust never settles...
How the Divorce Industry Failed Me

Too often we feel like a failure after divorce. Maybe the real culprit is the divorce industry, and the ruptured lives it leaves in its wake.

Deja Vu or Boo Hoo Hoo?

When you flash back to an old life, it's a bit of deja vu that just may bring out the boo-hoo-hoo. And then what?

Is This the Marriage I Never Had?

Spending time together - good, bad, indifferent - is this what marriage is about? Or is "quality" time sufficient?

Relationship Cycles: Ready for Spring

All relationships go through transitions, cycling through good times and tough times. Winter can be rough. I'm ready for spring.

Still Weird After All These Years

When the ex gets the friends and you want to see them, what do you do? Why are some things so weird -- even after years?

What to Say When You Hear a Friend Is Divorcing

Things to consider when you hear a friend is divorcing. 

Bringing Up the Word "Divorce." Bad Sign?

Is the mention of the word 'divorce' always a sign of things to come? Bringing up the word, whether you mean it or not, and its impact. 

Dating Disasters... Who, Moi?

Screwy dates? Scary dates? No shows? No go's? You bet. How many post-marital dating disasters must we survive?

Baby, It

Snowed in? Plowed under? In need of an easy hot meal to make it through the week... And maybe a warm companion to cozy up to?

When Is the Last Time You Had a Vacation?

Mothers need time for themselves. So how do you manage to take a vacation - or at least get a regular Girls Night Out?

We Can

History is essential to who we are and who we become. We shouldn't deny that bad times as well as good are part of what has formed us.

Dreaming My Worst (Remarriage) Nightmare

When a divorced woman wants the best of both worlds: the security of a committed relationship and the freedom of being single.

The Single Mom and the Empty Nest

Empty Nest occurs more than once. It happens in pieces, and to pieces of the heart. It can be especially challenging for the single mom.

The Last Traditional Family New Year

Remembering the last time my "intact" family spent New Year's together. Has it really been 15 years?


Resources, savings, information and
opportunities, developed just for you.

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