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Divorce Whirlwind
When the dust never settles...
Rosemary and Time or... How to Get Through the Holidays

Looking back, looking ahead, and orienting yourself in time.

Why I Hate the Girlfriend Label

"Girlfriend" may sound cute to some. But it diminishes the fullness and commitment we bring in a long-term partnership.

Courtship in a Simpler Time

A complicated life today may cause us to yearn for an idealized version of the past - courtship in a "simpler" time.

Broken Places We Never See

We may be aware of the cracks in relationships, but they're manageable. Other cracks we never see... until it's too late.

Life After Divorce... When You Don

So many judgments about women who don't remarry after divorce... 

Factors in Recovery: Who Wanted the Divorce?

The one who wants the divorce is likely to recover more quickly. Why? Consider the many factors that keep you sane, providing and feeling in control.

All About Those Juicy (Divorce) Details

Just dying to get all the juicy divorce details out? Think twice about how - and if - you decide to do it.

Inevitable Comparisons: Haunted by the Ghost of the Ex

We may be haunted by the ex himself, by the marriage, by the terrible divorce, by difficult years after. How do we escape the ghosts of the ex?

Sleeping Together (The Rebuttal), or "You

You may have trouble sleeping with him. But it turns out, he has trouble sleeping with you, too. And more trouble - sleeping without you!

The Pleasures and Perils of Sharing a Bed

Sharing a bed for sleeping seems so inviting and romantic. But what if the reality is different?

The "Marry Me" Trap (And Then What?)

When a man asks, we're supposed to say yes, right? What if we feel trapped after? 

My Pre-Divorce Wardrobe, My Post-Divorce Wardrobe

Style before divorce? A non-event. Style AFTER divorce? Whatever I could get away with! (And don't forget the lingerie.)

Whatever Happened to NICE Divorced Couples?

Are you NICE to your ex? Divorced spouses who stay friends.

The Remarriage Refrain. Again.

When the pressure to remarry keeps popping up. Weighing and measuring the pros and cons of remarriage after divorce.


Resources, savings, information and
opportunities, developed just for you.

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