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Would You Say Yes to an Open Marriage?

Thoughts on the open marriage: Is it a realistic relationship choice, a last resort to prevent divorce, or a promise of disaster?

Never Say Never When It Comes to Love

If we're divorced parents, will our children be more skeptical about falling in love? Slower maybe, but never say never.

No, I

The experience of divorce and the years that follow will change us profoundly. For better or worse, and maybe both.

Dating After Divorce: For Love or Money?

When you're dating after divorce (with kids), do you go for love or do you go for money? Who wouldn't want both?

The Absent Dad and the Divorced Daughter

Does a father's absence from his daughter's childhood influence her marriage and potentially, her divorce?

Struggling With the Concept of Marriage... After Divorce

For those of us who don't remarry after divorce, perhaps it isn't that we don't believe in marriage but rather, that we do.

Beautiful Betty, Bad Boyfriends, and Divorce from Don Draper

Musing on Mad Men, Betty Draper Francis, Don Draper as an ex, and what constitutes a good (or bad) ex-husband.

Say No to Divorce Shaming: Own Your Feelings of Hurt and Betrayal

Why are we afraid to own our feelings after betrayal - for however long they last? Accepting hurt, expressing it, refusing to be shamed by others.

How My Kids Saved Me From the Worst of Divorce (Again and Again)

When we go through a bad divorce, our children give us purpose as well as consolation and encouragement to be good parents.

Fighting Back

Beating back the financial and emotional ripple effects of divorce, resisting the urge to second-guess decisions, accepting the good - where you are.

Echoes of the Way We Weren

When it comes to values like money and education, reflecting on emotional triggers and the way we were (and weren't) during marriage and divorce.

Yours, Mine, and Ours: Bridging the Gap in Divorce Experience

Every divorce experience is different. Many factors influence our lives during and after. Let's bridge the gap with mutual understanding and support.

Would You Remarry Your Ex Under Certain Circumstances?

Some marriages may end in divorce and start up again years later, culminating in remarriage. Celebrities and real people who remarry their exes. Why?

Do You Cyber-Stalk Your Ex?

Why you shouldn't cyber stalk your ex, even if you're tempted. Divorce, social media, massochism, and manipulation. 


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