Divorce Whirlwind
When the dust never settles...

Every divorce experience is different. Many factors influence our lives during and after. Let's bridge the gap with mutual understanding and support.

Some marriages may end in divorce and start up again years later, culminating in remarriage. Celebrities and real people who remarry their exes. Why?

Why you shouldn't cyber stalk your ex, even if you're tempted. Divorce, social media, massochism, and manipulation. 

Life after divorce presents emotional challenges: dealing with bitterness, finding compassion for an ex, more than anything - helping our kids.

Examples of friendly step families after divorce can come from surprising places. Blending families and raising kids well.

Nature reminds us of vulnerability. Loss reminds us we may break or bend. Giving our hearts teaches us to open. Where does losing our hearts leave us?

Why some of us talk about, write about, and advocate for divorce-related topics, even years after our own divorces are final.